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Good luck to the whole Isle of Man team at the Commonwealth Games

but especially athletes Olivia Curran, Reagan Dee, Harriet Pryke and Keith Gerrard

and Andy Nash in the triathlon and others who compete in local athletics

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Keith Gerrard (Powerof10)

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Reagan Dee (Powerof10)

Olivia Curran (Powerof10)




"I ran the best 300 of my life but due to my ongoing Achilles injury I am not race fit and that showed at the end of the race." said Harriet Pryke on Facebook after her Commonwealth Games debut  "I am disappointed that I could not perform to my best but pleased that I even made it to the line given my circumstances. I am a mixture of emotions and finding it hard to accept that my hard work for 4 years has not been shown to it’s fullest. I could not have done any more today and I gave my all and attacked the race."

She gave a great interview to the BBC
(click photo).



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