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Two former Manx Champions in action at Glen Lough last Sunday during the 2007 Manx Gas Cross Country Championships. On the left is Dave Newton who has been featured a fair amount on this site in recent weeks but why not. He is not only one of our best ever cross country and long distance road runners, but he is also a great sport. Despite being lapped by Andy Fox he has time to give him words of encouragement and support.

Whilst no one has compiled a history of Manx Cross Country Championships, I am quite sure that Andy Fox has achieved more "podium" positions than anyone in the history of the event during the past 20 years. The 47 year old Manx Harrier saw off several athletes not much more than half his age on Sunday to take third place. The driving force of most of the off Island cross country trips during the same period as he has competed, he has organised trips to the Lancashire, Northern and National Cross Country Championships and was the originator of the Isle of Man v North Wales v Shropshire matches in the early 90s. Unlike previous winters when has been competitive from the start, he was off the pace to begin with this winter after taking a break after his medal winning performance in the European Masters Championships (Steeplechase) but has got better with every race. The St Ninians High School Deputy Head continues to teach younger athletes a lesson or two.

Picture and words by Murray Lambden


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