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When I took the above picture of Dave Newton and Andy Fox together at the Manx Gas Cross Country Championships a couple of weeks ago I thought I would have something to talk about but thanks to Andy kindly giving me a list of all the winners copied from the trophy, I realise that their combined performances are even more amazing. They have won the title 12 times out of the 43 occasions that the race has been held (or the winner known).  Original feature

Dave Newton - seven times a winner

Andy Fox - five times a winner (not at Karaoke!)

Graham Clarke - won the title four times

Steve Kelly - also four wins

Henry Harvey - two wins (and a tie)

Andy Cannell - two victories

John Halligan - has won for the past two years

Tony Okell - a brace of victories

Keith Callister - twice a winner



1963 Henry Harvey 1986 G. Clarke
1964 Henry Harvey 1987 G. Clarke
1965 W.D. Christian 1988 G. Clarke 
1966 No Name 1989 A. Fox
1967 No Name 1990 S. Patton
1968 P.W. Harraghy 1991 A. Gage 
1969 W.E. Harvey 1992 G. Clarke
1970 W.E. Harvey & H. Harvey 1993 G. Epifani
1971 W.E. Harvey 1994 C. Quine 
1972 D. Newton 1995 A. Fox
1973 B. Cowley 1996 R. Cox 
1974 D. Newton 1997 A. Fox
1975 S. Kelly 1998 A. Fox
1976 J.S Kelly 1999 A. Fox
1977 D. Newton 2000 K. Callister
1978 J.S. Kelly 2001 T. Okell
1979 D. Newton 2002 T. Okell
1980 D. Newton 2003 P. Clarke
1981 D. Lockley 2004 A. Cannell
1982 D. Newton 2005 A. Cannell
1983 D. Newton 2006 J. Halligan
1984 J.S. Kelly 2007 J. Halligan
1985 K. Callister

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