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Tony Okell took the early lead in the Manx Cross Country Championships. Left to right: Andy Fox (arm only), Nigel Armstong, Paul Sheard, Mike Garrett, Darren Gray (34),  Simon Skillicorn, John Halligan, Kevin Loundes, Tony Okell and Nick Percival.

Garrett, chases Armstong, Sheard, Loundes, Fox, Gray, Skillicorn, Halligan and Okell.

But it wasn't long before John Halligan left all challengers in his wake. Women's winner Natalie Wood (102) set the pace from the start from Jacqui Fletcher with Gail Musson and Sarah Nelson giving chase.  

Top three: Skillicorn, Halligan and Okell. (Pictures by Murray Lambden)

And finally, for a bit of fun, who had the best grimace? Left to right: Dave Newton, Nigel Armstrong, Michael George and Andy Fox. Only one winner for me - he has been the best at it for 30 years or so! A couple of the ladies may have qualified as well but I wasn't going to push my luck too far!


It was wonderful to see the junior classes so well supported in the Isle of Man Cross Country Championships at Pulrose on Sunday. Here are the competitors in the under 9 classes and you can identify the happy runners from the results below.  Picture by Murray Lambden; results by Graham Davies from

1 155 Joseph Morling Manx Harriers 3.20
2 259 Will Morris Western AC 3.24
3 17 Terence George Manx Harriers 3.39
4 142 Owen Dudley School 3.40
5 36 Joshua Looker Manx Harriers 3.46
6 255 Sebastian Pine Dhoon Sch 3.49
7 194 Patrick Cox Manx Harriers 3.57
8 6 Sam Corlett Western AC 4.03
9 15 Ramsey Ball Dhoon 4.14
10 97 Archie Veale Phurt Le Moirrey 4.27
  42 Nick Quayle Clothworkers DNF
1 25 Sosanna Cox Manx Harriers 3.34
2 73 Rebecca Nathan Western AC 3.35
3 29 Katie Astin Ashley Hill 3.41
4 110 Aimee Grainger Onchan 5.34




 Under 9 Boys





Manx Harriers

 Morling, George, Looker, Cox



Triple crown! Andy Cannell (winner in 2004 and 2005 who was unable to defend his title due to injury) watches alongside 1995 winner Chris Quine who was on marshalling duties. Raymond Cox (1996 champion in hat and wellies!) is also marshalling.  (picture Murray Lambden)

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