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93 took part

Top 3 in the Manx Gas Island Cross Country League.

Paul Clarke, Nick Percival and Peter Kaneen. (Pictures by Gary Ross)

Part of the big field in the junior races. 126,134 & 119 were running for the first time on Sunday and not on my list. Emma Pressley (8), Aaron Carey (80), Jade Lund (40), Chelsey Hay (71), Jamie Haslett (99) are also pictured. Picture: Murray Lambden.


Natasha Stevens sprints for home in the under 9s. (ML)

"Put that away" I can imagine Wendy Ross (leaning against the pillar) saying to guest photographer husband Gary.

Gary Ross captured a good battle for third place, well for the first two laps anyway. At this stage Ian Ronan leads Murray Lambden and Peter Kaneen. Positions were reversed by the finish with Peter rubbing it in by race walking the last 50 metres - well 100 metres according to my son Robbie, just to rub it in even further!

Under 11 winner Lauren Whelan at Nobles Park on Sunday (ML).

Gary Harrison (38) finished 4th in the short course race. Here he leads full distance men Paul Trees (51) and Peter Cooper (24) (Gary Ross).


Alan Bagley, Paul Jackson and Kevin Martin are in close company on the new Nobles Park cross country course (GR).

Jack Garrett (66) and Joshua Brand (4) were just 2 seconds apart in the under 9s.  Eric Kelly in third place had the same time as Josh. (Murray Lambden)

Winner of the 3rd round for women, Rose Hooton. (Gary Ross)

Castle Rushen students were out in force again at the Manx Gas Cross Country last Sunday.

Round 4          15th December   2002         Ramsey          Northern AC

Round 5          12th January        2003        Venue to be confirmed

Round 6          26th January       2003          Ramsey          Northern AC

Round 6 is incorporated into the Island Cross Country Championships. The championships will round off the best Manx season for years and the presentations for both the league and the championships will be held on conclusion. Entry forms for the championships will be published soon.

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