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 Arthur Jones Bradda Fell Race

15 miles

4,100 feet of ascent

Category A (long)

Starts Bradda Glen, Port Erin

29 February 2004

Sponsored by Ian Ronan Joiners




Full results thanks to Doug Drown

Pos Name Club Class Hrs Min Sec
1 Tony Okell MH V40 2 12 14
2 Ian Gale MFR V40 2 14 10
3 Brian Osbourne MRF V40 2 18 21
4 Simon Skillicorn MFR SM 2 23 54
5 Michael Quine Unattached SM 2 25 15
6 David Young MFR V50 2 41 13
7 Rob Webb MH V50 2 43 17
8 Dave Corrin  MH V50 2 44 15
9 Phil Mackie Western SM 2 44 59
10 Tom Cringle Unattached SM 2 46 24
11 Andy Page Unattached SM 2 8 38
12 Paul Croft Dewsbury V40 2 50 42
13 Ian Callister MH V40 2 51 51
14 Roger Moughtin Western V50 2 53 40
15 Paul Jackson MH V50 2 54 38
16 Andy Gosland Unattached SM 3 56 16
17 Alan Bagley MH V40 3 58 34
18 Rose Hooton MFR LV40 3 2 38
19 Dave Gelling Unattached SM 3 3 26
20 Stuart Temple MFR V40 3 12 26
21 Paul Trees IOMVAC V40 3 14 35
22 Peter Cooper IOMVAC V50 3 14 38
23 Les Brown MFR V50 3 22 38
24 Laurence Dyer Northern AC SM 3 22 44
25 Phil  Kenney MFR 3 24 31
26 Andy Gosnell IOMVAC V40 3 24 53
27 Ken Watterson  MFR V50 3 27 4
28 Gareth Evans IOMVAC V40 3 30 22
29 Shirley Foley Unattached L 3 39 5
30 Dave Davies MFR V40 3 39 7
DNF Richard Jameson Northern SM
DNF Cal Partington  MH SL
DNF Allan Thomson MFR SM

A stunning shot by Steve Partington captures Brian Osbourne with a beautiful backdrop.

Stan Hall captioned this one "follow my leader" which says it all.

We have just enjoyed another superb day in the southern hills of the island in weather conditions that were fantastic, writes Richie Stevenson.

Bright sunshine was the order of the day and very little wind, unusual for the island to say the least, with the only down side being a few icy patches on some of the tracks where the snow had been compounded. Due to other commitments the first action I witnessed was at the top of the Colby Road where the competitors cross to start the long climb to South Barrule.

The race pattern had already been set with Tony in the lead from Onion and Ozzie. The gaps between the leading three did stretch as the race progressed but each one new that if they started to weaken they would be caught by their respective chasers.

At the finish the winning margin for Tony was less than 2 minutes, absolutely nothing in a race of this distance and severity.It was one of the fastest times ever recorded on the 15 miles course and was less than 2 minutes slower than Lloyd Taggarts winning time last year, and as we all know he was to go on to represent Great Britain a few months later.. Onion also broke 2 hours 15 which illustrates how well our lads are running at the moment. He had 4 minutes in hand over Ozzie who despite a couple of changes of shoes due to sore feet still posted a time that would have won the race more times than not.

The next two finishers also enjoyed a good battle. Simon Skillicorn knocked a massive 10 minutes off his time from last year, no doubt helped by the tremendous pressure he was put under by Mike Quine who must have been well pleased with his first attempt on this course. Undoubtedly the closest finish was the tremendous tussle between the veterans in the over 50 category. Dave Young, Rob Webb and Dave Corrin showed just how good they still are after so many years in the sport with just over 3 minutes separating them at the end.

Castletowns Tom Cringle impressed everyone on his debut on the fells finishing in the top ten. He has been mostly involved in mountain biking and uses the fells to improve his fitness. On this showing he would have a bright future if he decided to concentrate on the hills.

There were three retirements, unfortunately, including the favourite for the females award Cal Partington  I`m not sure what went wrong for Cal but it did give Rose Hooton the chance to score a win again. Rose knocked around 15 minutes off her time from last year and this after one of her shoes fell apart coming off South Barrule. Allan Thmpson, who also had to call it a day at Cronk Ny Iree Laa, sportingly offered up one of his shoes so that Rose could finish which was fine but she did look rather comical plodding along in a size 9. Second female was Shirley Folley who I reckon produced one of the best runs of the day just over 6 minutes behind Rose.

Thanks to Ian Ronan joiners for kindly sponsoring the race and to Ian himself for helping us. Thanks also to everyone who helped on the day especially James Coulson, Adrian Cowin, Paul Sykes and Steve Partie for coming forward this week when we were stuck.  



Fenced in! Rose Hooton prepares to tackle the barbed wire fence on the descent from South Barrule during the Ian Ronan Joiners sponsored Arthur Jones fell race.  Alan Bagley chases hard in this Adrian Cowin picture..


copyright (c) 2004 Murray Lambden. All rights reserved.
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