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The IOM Athletic Association is proud to announce a major athletic supporting link with the Kenyan Athletic Federation. The Kenyan Athletic Federation have purchased 3 houses in Station Road, Port Erin in which they will house 12 of their top young athletes, 4 will work in the I.H.M.E.S. International Hotel School the other 8 are joining QE2 School in September.

It was hoped to send them to Castle Rushen but they found the run round the coastal path via the Sound, Perwick Bay, Gansey, Pooil Vaaish and Scarlet too easy, so they will go to QE2 via Bradda head, Fleshwick, Sloc, Cronk Ny Arrey Laa, South Barrule and Slieau Whallian. Keith Gerrard has offered to do the run to school each morning with them until they are familiar with the route. Mr. lirpa loof Chepkemei speaking for the Kenyan Athletic Federation stated that after losing their World Cross Country Crown to Ethiopia they had to change their training methods quickly and this was one of many options open to them, which has come about due to the relationship between the two great Olympic steeplechasers Kip Keino and IOM Athletic Association President Maurice Herriot. (Keino is the Godfather of Herriots Children)

Six of the athletes will train with Andy Fox’s training group (which includes Keith Gerrard) four with Graham Davies pre-development group and two with Chris Quines Middle distance Squad. Mr. Lirpa Loof went on to say that they could qualify to run for the Isle of Man in the Commonwealth Games in India due to the new residential qualification passed in Jamaica by the Commonwealth Games Association, they almost certainly would run in next years Island Games in the Shetlands and Rhodes 2 years later. The Isle of Man Athletic Association Secretary Graham Davies is keeping an open mind on the subject, but would be happy to hear other peoples comments.

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Ethiopia claim Gerrard is one of theirs?

It must also be categorically denied that Keith Gerrard is one of the Ethiopian Gerrards. The Isle of Man Athletic Association has turned down a request from Ethiopia for Gerrard to run for them. His Grand mother was born in South Carolina USA, his Grand father here in the Isle of Man, Keith’s father a very proud Manxman is happy to quash these rumours surrounding his son. 




13 years after the opening .........

cars to be banned from the National Sports Centre

The new car park for the National Sports Centre is nearing completion as these pictures taken last night indicate.  I spoke against access of cars to the roadway before the NSC was opened and many contributors to the forum have complained about the dangerous antics of some of the car drivers. Listen to Manx Radio news this morning for the full story. (ML)



Publicity expert Paul Jackson publicises his latest venture (lots more to follow)

Members of Team Isle of Man Fell Runners have announced that they are to run the Manx Mountain Marathon this year in rhino suits to raise money for wildlife charity 'Save the Rhino'.Team spokesman Tony Okell explains "Ian Gale, Simon Skillicorn and myself will be doing the rhino run whilst other team members will act as support team/zookeepers".

Tony, Simon & Ian at the costume fitting

The suits they were originally built for a theatre company. Inside is a plastic lining which creates a sweat box - someone described it once as running in a giant crisp packet. Very noisy, very hot, very sweaty - not designed for running in any way whatsoever.

Tony, head down, practices a downhill charge in training with team mate Ian

Tony, Ian and Simon had planned to use the suits in the Bradda fell race for a practice run, but soon discovered in training that they would suffer really badly with the heat and weight of the costumes. "So we went back to the person who built the original costumes" Tony explained - "the same person who built the Teletubbies and she created a new suit for us. It's about a third lighter and instead of a plastic liner it's got gauze panels so the air flows through it" .

"I ran up South Barrule in it last week" added Tony, "much to the bemusement of the hikers and dog-walkers, and it was a revelation. Normally I'm sweating within 20 seconds but this one felt great. Purist runners will think that we don't stand a hope in hell and as the race day approaches I'm increasingly thinking, 'Why am I doing this?' It just hadn't crossed my mind until recently just how tough it's going to be. I keep waking up in a cold sweat, having had nightmares about dropping bottles of water and watching them disappear rolling down the hill".

Running marathons in costume is great fun - and a seven-foot rhino running down Carraghyn or Cronk ny Arree Laa is sure to turn people's heads.


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