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Keith Gerrard on his way to a cracking time of around 8.36 in the 3000 metres on Wednesday evening.

Veteran Andy Fox (242) took second place but third went to another junior, Chris Shimmin.

Andy Cannell was fourth. Despite all the NSC "branding" it is interesting to note the year when the changing rooms were built - 1939.

Pictures by Murray Lambden

Chris Quine reports on Wednesday's 3000 metres

There was a good turnout for tonight's race. A great run by Keith who ran a Personal Best by 13 seconds. He started off steadily (for him) and picked the pace up in the later stages. Here are his split times:

400m     - 69 secs

800m     - 2.20 (71 secs)

1200m    - 3.30 (70 secs)

1600m    - 4.39 (69 secs)

2000m    - 5.47 (68 secs)

2400m    - 6.55 (68 secs)

2800m    - 8.02 (67 secs)

Unofficial finishing time of 8 mins 36 secs.

Good runs too particularly by some of the younger lads.

Chris Shimmin ran a solid race just behind Andy Fox, whilst the improving James Eccles benefitted from some excellent pace making by Robbie Lambie and just missed the 10 minute barrier.

It was good that all ages ran together and it made an impressive sight on the track. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect was that no women started the race.


Keith Gerrard in his way to victory (ML)



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