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Rentokil Manx Fell Running League

7 fell races in the first 5 months of 2010

St Johns on New Year’s Day

Date Event and link to official website 2009 manxathletics.com coverage
Friday 1 January St Johns Results

Feature    Photos    Video

Saturday 16 January Greeba Results

Feature    Photos    Video

Saturday 20 February Glen Mona Results  
Saturday 13 March Snaefell Results

Feature    Photos    Video

Saturday 3 April Manx Mountain Marathon Results

Feature    Photos    Video

Friday 23 April Carraghan Results

Feature    Photos    Video

Sunday 16 May Creg-ny-Baa Results  

Greeba in mid-January

Snaefell in March

The Manx Mountain Marathon in April

Carraghan in May

Photos by Murray Lambden 2003, 2007 & 2009

Earlier Fell Running videos

St Johns 2000 (audio disabled – to be republished)

Bradda 2007

Snaefell 2007 (audio disabled – to be republished)

Manx Mountain Marathon 2007

Manx Mountain Marathon 2007 Part 2

Laxey 2007

Creg-ny-Baa 2007

St Johns 2008 (audio disabled – to be republished)

Arthur Jones 2008

Manx Mountain Marathon 2008

North Barrule 2008

Creg-ny-Baa 2008

Laxey 2009

Ellan Vannin 2009

North Barrule 2009

Arthur Jones 2009



Parish Walk

Easter Festival

Marathon & Half Marathon

End to End Walk

Isle of Man Mountain Ultra

No rest for the wicked

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