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manxathletics.com is 10 years old

domain: manxathletics.com created: 08-Dec-2000 last-changed: 09-Dec-2009 registration-expiration: 08-Dec-2010

The objectives were:

    1. To provide a forum for the views of athletes in the Isle of Man.
    2. To inform and communicate with athletes and anyone with an interest in athletics in the Isle of Man.
    3. To extend the enjoyment derived from athletics in the Isle of Man by sharing the fun and pleasure of the sport.
    4. To provide a history of the sport by the provision of on-line databases of major events.
    It was 30 years ago this week that I typed the first Boundary Harriers newsletter which Allan Callow & I edited and produced every month for 67 months.
  • How will we be communicating in 10, 20 or 30 years from now?

    Murray Lambden 8 December 2010



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    Easter Festival

    Marathon & Half Marathon

    End to End Walk

    Isle of Man Mountain Ultra

    No rest for the wicked

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