St Johns 10K Walk 2008




Thursday 17th July

The start of Thursday evenings 10Km walk in St Johns (photo by Murray Lambden)


more photos by Murray Lambden


Report & Results by Bridget Kaneen


A good turnout of walkers for the summer 10k walk around the St. Johns, Ballacraine, Hope, course though conditions could not be described as summery as it was dull, grey and drizzling rain. Michael Shipsides took the sealed handicap win with a strong walk and getting very close to dipping inside the hour. Veteran campaigner Henry de Silva had a tremendous walk finishing just outside 74 minutes, not bad for an over 70. Third prize winner was Alan Kinvig who walked his own race and just pipped Vinney Lynch who was close to his personal best. Overall fastest walk on the night was Peter Kaneen, who retained the Hawthorne Cup. Second fastest was Michael George and Andy Green third.

Two juniors raced a mile over part of the course.  James Green managed a fine sub 10 minute mile and Jessica Isherwood was just over half a minute behind James.

Many thanks to Brian Brough, John Stubbs & Steve Partington for marshalling duties and to Judy Morrey for timekeeping.  Next Manx Harriers fixture is the Anna Maria Cutillo 6 mile walk and run which takes place on Thursday August 14th.  Further details to follow or online at

Pos       Name                    Club                Time         Age Cat
01     Peter Kaneen          Manx Harriers        50.15        M45
02    Michael George        MH                       52.51        M40
03    Andy Green             MH                        56.30        M50
04    Vinny Lynch            MH                        57.30        M45
05    Simon Cox              IOMVAC               58.21         M55
06    Mark Harvey            Manx Fellrunners    60.10        M35
07   Michael Shipsides    U/A                        60.17        M40
08   Dave Mackey            MH                       62.10        M40
09   John Robinson        U/A                         63.01        M40
10    Ian Wakley            MH                         64.16        M35
11    Matthew Haddock    U/A                      65.58          SM
12    Alan Kinvig            IOMVAC                66.37          M50
13    Colm Andrew        U/A                        72.32          M40
14    Henry de Silva        IOMVAC               74.01           M70
15    Stephen Hall          U/A                      79.37            M40
16    James Evans         U/A                      79.37            SM
17    Deborah Smith        U/A                    84.44            W35
18    Jill Smith                U/A                    84.44            SL
19    Sarah Moore           U/A                    90.46            SL





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