Grand Prix of Road Running 2005

14th - 19th August


Sunday's Marathon & Half Marathon

Tony Okell (309) successfully defended his Half Marathon title on Sunday with a superb run to hold off fellow Manx Harrier Paul Clarke (304) who finished 2nd (photo by Stan Hall)

One of the outstanding performances of the day was from Michael George of Manx Harriers. In his debut marathon he came home 9th overall in 3:14:09, and was 2nd local finisher, 32 seconds behind Ben Scott of Western AC. First local lady finisher in the Half Marathon Wendy Ross finished in 1:41:01 claiming 3rd lady finisher overall and 1st Vet 45 prizes. (photo's by PJ)


Manx Harriers finishers in the Marathon; 9th Michael George 3:14:09; 26th Steve Partington 3:46:20 (w); 39th Peter Kaneen 4:00:59 (w); Half Marathon: 1st Tony Okell 1:16:23; 2nd Paul Clarke 1:17:38; 6th Nigel Armstrong 1:20:26; 10th Paul Curphey 1:24:28; 16th Phil Cain 1:28:26; 17th Andy Gosnell 1:28:27;31st Dave Collister 1:35:31; 32nd Paul Jackson 1:35:36; 36th Chris Cale 1:36:42; 37th Les Brown 1:36:55; 43rd Wendy Ross 1:41:01; 45th Ian Callister 1:41:17; 46th Richard Sille 1:41:19; 73rd Ann Cain 1:51:17; 77th Alan Bagley 1:51:38; 105th Andrew Corrie 1:59:25; 112th Marie Latham 2:02:58 (w); 121st Allan Callow 2:06:13(w); 125th Bethany Clague 2:07:31; 183rd Irene George 2:56:35; 184th Brian Brough 2:57:33 (w) ; 187th Sue Partington 3:01:34 (w) 209 finishers. 

Full results at the Isle of Man Veteran Athletics Club Website

Check out Stan Hall's photo's of The Marathon & Half Marathon

Monday's Peel Hill Race

photo's by Robbie Callister

Tony Okell records his second win of the series. Richard Jamieson of Northern AC caught Darren Gray on the descent to claim second place.

Nick Percival made a confident return to racing action to finish 4th whilst seasoned campaigner Phil Cain followed up his excellent run in the Sunday's 'half' with another fine performance on the hills

Rose and two thorns. Les Brown gained revenge over PJ for the half marathon with some demon descending. Rose Hooton of Manx Fell Runners finished 2nd lady behind Margaret Watkins

Gail Musson continues to improve and shows great potential on the hills. Gail was 3rd lady finisher and takes part in her second Grand Prix of the week on Saturday when practising begins for the Manx Grand Prix

Darren Gray & Phil Cain

Nick Percival heads Christian Varley on the descent from Corrin's Folly in Monday's Peel Hill Race (photo Robbie Callister)

more excellent photo's by Stan Hall here

no results available on line

Monday's 5Km Walk

results & report thanks to Bridget Kaneen

Results 5km (all Manx Harriers)

1st Bridget Kaneen 26.11  2nd Peter Kaneen 26.11 3rd Robert Moore 26.19 4th Marie Latham 26.28 5th Allan Callow 27.42
 Results 1km
1st Bronwen Kaneen (MH) 5.51 (U15G); 2nd Sinead Kaneen (MH) 6.15 (U11G); 3rd Catreeney Gawne (unatt) 7.00; (U11G) 4th Terence George (MH) 7.08 (U9B); 5th Jessica Isherwood (unatt); 7.16 (U11G) 6th Daniel Cretney (unatt) 7.51 (U9B) 7th James Kershaw (unatt) 9.10 (U9B)
Conditions were as near to perfect as they get for the walk around the promenade and harbour of Peel on Monday evening with just a pleasant cooling light westerly breeze for the 5km road walk championships hosted by Western A.C. In the junior walk Bronwen Kaneen was competing for the first time in a while but made a pleasing return to competition to get under six minutes. Younger sister Sinead was not too far behind in second. It was a close race for the next three positions with newcomer Kitty Gawne just getting an advantage on Terence George and Jessica Isherwood with Daniel Cretney not too far behind these. James Kershaw, another newcomer to racing, brought home the field. In the 5km Peter Kaneen appeared to have no ill effects from the marathon the day before and after a steady start was soon pulling clear of the rest.  The race for second proved to be quite a battle. Robert Moore making a welcome return to competition took the early initiative, pulling around 20 metres clear of Marie Latham and Bridget Kaneen in the first kilometre. Bridget caught and managed to pass Robert at around the 3km mark and Marie was also working hard to chase him down.  Already reaching the finish some three minutes before his wife, Peter Kaneen had decided to take a break just short of the line much to the bemusement of Judy Morrey the timekeeper and allowing his other half to cross the line before him and take the overall race win and one second of her best ever for the distance. Robert managed to hold off Marie in the sprint for the line, though it was Marie who took around 20 seconds off her lifetime best for the distance which had been set in the AAA championships last year, a great acheivement after having less than fresh legs due to her victory in the half marathon walk the previous day. Allan Callow found his legs had not recovered quite so rapidly and was frustrated not to be able to be up in the thick of the action, finishing a further minute adrift of the bunch. Many thanks to all the officials and supporters who came out to help on the night, particularly Judy Morrey who timed the races on very short notice.  Thanks also to Western A.C for hosting these championships and providing the awards.

Wednesday's 10K Great South Run

photo's by Martin Critchley

A record entry of 78 for the popular new 10K Great South Run which formed Round 3 of this weeks Grand Prix

At Ballakillowey roundabout Tony Okell is already clear of Richard Jamieson & well on his way to his third win of the week

Leaders of the pack. Triathlete Eve Wengradt (114) was first lady finisher. Sarah Nelson (3) continues to improve in confidence and claimed the 2nd lady prize

more of Martin Critchley's photo's

Stan Hall's photo's

Full results (PDF) thanks to Graham Davies

Thursday's Anna Maria Cutillo Foxdale 6

photo by Robbie Callister

photo's by Robbie Callister

report & results thanks to Bridget Kaneen

Tony Okell showed no sign of flagging after his fourth win in five days over the tough hilly Foxdale course on Thursday evening. As the field of 48 runners sped down the steep Kionslieau hill and past Foxdale Primary School it was clear that he was keen to stamp his authority on the race from the outset. By the time that the Eairy dam was reached he had pulled out a 30 second gap on Darren Gray who in turn enjoyed a similar advantage from Richard Jamieson and a closer scrap for the minor placings between Nigel Armstrong and Nick Percival. Ben Scott who was crowned Manx marathon champion on Sunday started to feel the effects of the extra miles he had put in over those ahead of him and was a further 30 seconds back on Armstrong and Percival.

The ladies race was also hotting up, Maggie Watkins another to have raced at all the events this week was leading around the dam with a mile to run, however Linda Kelly sensed the leader tiring and was making a big effort to close her down as they pulled up the hill to Ard Jerkyll. At the finish Tony Okell maintained a 30 second margin over Gray with Richard Jamieson showing great consistency over this week taking the third spot ahead of Nigel Armstrong and Nick Percival who closed in the Manx Harriers for a team victory. Kevin Vondy finished first over 45 with fellow northerner Richard Radcliffe top over 50 runner. Alan Pilling was first over 55 and Ray Shooter the first over 60 runner home. In the battle for first female finisher, Maggie Watkins used all her experience in the downhill run in to the finish and held on for a 13 second win over Linda Kelly who though a regular runner is an all too infrequent competitor on the racing scene. These two enjoying a comfortable margin over third lady finisher Lucy Fern.  Encouragingly over a quarter of the field was made up of female runners, a healthy increase on recent years, the other runs in the grand prix series also well supported by women.

A disappointing entry of just three men contested the walk this year.  Steve Partington who walked the marathon on Sunday had recovered sufficiently to finish over 10 minutes clear of Simon Capelin,  recently back in training after a twelve month absence from the sport. Adrian Cowin was a further six minutes back from Simon in third spot.

Manx Harriers would like to thank all the volunteers and officials who gave their time to make the event run smoothly. Thanks also to the Cutillo family who attended the event and presented the prizes in the memory of their daughter, also to the hosts of the Baltic Hotel for their post event hospitality.

Results  Run

1.   Tony Okell (Manx Harriers) 34.06 MV40

2.   Darren Gray (MH) 34.36 SM
3.   Richard Jamieson (Northern A.C) 35.08 SM
4.   Nigel Armstrong (MH) 35.26 SM
5.   Nick Percival (MH) 35.49 SM
6.   Ben Scott (Western A.C.) 36.25
7.   Kevin Vondy (NAC) 37.13 MV45
8.   Mike Garrett (MH) 37.27 SM
9.   Phil Cain (MH) 37.51 MV45
10. Andy Gosnell (IOMVAC) 38.02 MV40
11. Richard Radcliffe (NAC) 38.26 MV50
12. John Holden (unatt) 38.34 MV45
13. Rob Webb (IOMVAC) 38.46 MV50
14. Anthony Bell-Scott (Manx Tri Club) 39.09 SM
15. Dave Newton (MH) 39.18 MV50
16. Paul Trees (IOMVAC) 40.52 MV45
17. Neil Wilson (unatt) 41.00 MV45
18. Dave Callister (MH) 41.05 SM
19. Ian Callister (MH) 41.39 MV50
20. Paul Jackson (MH) 41.45 MV40
21. Les Brown (MH) 42.02 MV50
22. James Broughton (NAC) 42.04 SM
23. Maggie Watkins (IOMVAC) 42.53 WV40
24. Linda Kelly (unatt) 43.06 WV35
25. Paul Renshaw (NAC) 43.29 SM
26. Lawrence Dyer (NAC) 44.19 SM
27. Ray Shooter (IOMVAC) 44.34 MV60
28. Richard Orton (Unatt) 44.43 SM
29. Alan Bagley (MH) 44.57 MV50
30. Michael Crook (WAC) 45.43 MV40
31. Jason Cochrane (WAC) 46.04 SM
32. Alan Pilling (IOMVAC) 49.20 MV55
33. Martin Bell (IOMVAC) 50.32 MV55
34. Tony Lever (IOMVAC) 51.08 MV55
35. Lucy Fern (Unatt) 51.22 SW
36. Mary Mason (Unatt) 52.07 WV35
37. Moira Hall (WAC) 55.29 WV50
38. Adele Paige (Unatt) 55.39 SW
39. Hilary Wharam (Horsforth Harriers) 56.45 WV60
40. Julia Furner (Unatt) 57.29 U20 W
41. Sue Furner (IOMVAC) 57.30 WV45
42. Hilary Bell (Glossopdale) 57.54 WV40
43. Geoff Hall (WAC) 60.02 MV55
43=David Quine (IOMVAC) 60.02 MV45
45. Selena Da Silva (Womens Running Network) 60.16 WV45
46. Jane Webster ( Seaford Striders) 66.28 WV45
47. Bob Webster ( Seaford Striders) 67.06 MV50
48. Heather Brunskill-Evans (Unatt) 73.53 WV55
Walk Results
1.   Steve Partington (Manx Harriers)  45.21  SM
2.   Simon Capelen (MH)  55.52 MV45
3.   Adrian Cowin (IOMVAC) 62.07 MV40

Friday's Peel 4

photo by Stan Hall

Stan Hall's photo's

results at Western AC website (go to results page)





Name Club Points


Tony Okell Manx Harriers 250


Ben Scott Western AC 240


Richard Jamieson Northern AC 235


Phil Cain Manx Harriers 216


John Holden Unattached 214


Robert Webb Isle of Man Veterans  212


Anthony Bell Scott Manx Tri Club 207


Dave Collister Manx Harriers 198


Richard Orton Unattached 195


Laurence Dyer Northern AC 190


Les Brown Manx Harriers 189


Paul Renshaw Northern AC 181


Margaret Watkins Isle of Man Veterans  180


Alan Pilling Isle of Man Veterans  176


Jason Cochrane Western AC 162


Alan Bagley Manx Harriers 160


Sue Furner Isle of Man Veterans  156


Hilary Wharam Horsford Harriers 152


Luucy Fern Unattached 151


Jane Webster Seaford Striders 140


Hilary Bell Glossopdale 135


Geoff Hall Western AC 132


Bob Webster Seaford Striders 131


Alan Postlethwaite Northern AC 126


Dave Quine Isle of Man Veterans  122


Selina DeSilva Wm Run Net 116


Peter Cooper Isle of Man Veterans  114


Julia Furner Unattached 110


Moira Hall Western AC 109


Bill Young Seaford Striders 47

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