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Manx Telecom Parish Walk Facebook Posts

John Cannell is the only man to win the Parish Walk six times. 

If you dont already know about the man who averaged 10 minutes and 17 seconds per mile for 100 miles, here is his story up to 2011.

And here is a great old photo (credit unknown).

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Aside from John's amazing achievements, the photo of the Manx Ices hut and loads of deck chairs tells you that photo wasn't taken any time recently! 🙂

If my maths is correct and applying his 100 mile time to the 85 Parish Walk equivalent and I reckon that John William Cannell would have recorded 14 hrs 34 mins. And of course he covered an extra 15 miles. I am sure the Parish has a lot more hills in it though. But even so, that's quite incredible. I look forward to that pint JC.

Remember marshalling at Onchan that year (1982). Had to get up very early to catch the leaders going through. The start time was different in those days.

I remember when John WilliamCannell did parish was in the 1960s. What great fun we all had. No posh gear on those days !

That is incredible 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻

🇮🇲 A giant in Isle of Man sport. 🇮🇲

I remember peter lace shouting at me that if i can sprint i could beat 16 hours.i did.just by 27 seconds.

I remember John delivery my post ,what a gent great athlete

Well done JC

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When training around the Parish Walk course look out for the snap to win sign and take a selfie with it.

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Top of Ballakillowey Paul Skelly #MTParishWalk

A lovely place with lovely people beautiful hills unless your walking up em

Ballakillowey today.

Ballajora hill Sunday 😎

Ballakillowey Saturday

This morning 😎🏃‍♀️

26 miles today with Nicola Dobson

Top of braid with Graham May Matthew Hooper

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The style and facilities at the finish of the Manx Telecom Parish Walk have certainly changed a lot over the years.

Ray Hughes is seen finishing in 1998, the year that some of the Parish Walkers did an extra 15 miles up and down the promenade to qualify as centurions. Compare that with Adam Killip finish in 2016 with all sorts of facilities including, for the first time a grandstand.

Two further photos of Ray Hughes, thanks to Geoff Walmsley, when the finish was by the old mine. Ill leave it to some of the old times to start the reminiscences about that.