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Dramatic End to 2017 Manx Telecom Parish Walk

This year certainly proved one for the record books as long-standing favourites battled with exceptional temperatures, illness and injury giving way for a new generation to seize the reins of the Manx Telecom Parish Walk.

Rising walker, Liam Parker,  led 127 finishers over the line, having passed Richard Gerrard on the way into Patrick breaking the virus-stricken title holders three-year winning streak. In spite of the challenging conditions, Liam reduced his personal best by an impressive 39 minutes and 14 seconds to make him the youngest winner since 1996 when Lee Cain took gold.

Arguably, it was second pace Karen Chiarello who stole the day, breaking the women’s record and entering an elite club of only six other female walkers to take a podium position. Her blistering time of 15:53:44 set her over an hour clear of her training partner Adam Killip who seized third, improving his own personal best by 32 minutes and 14 seconds.

The triumphant trio were joined by 57 first time finishers and a handful of regular faces. Pete Miller, completing the walk for only his second time sliced 5 hours and 29 seconds off of his personal best set in 2013.

The fresh faces of this year’s podium may face stiff competition from the up-and-coming under 21s, with Anna Hall taking the victory in the ladies category in a record time of 6:35:55. Meanwhile, in the men’s category, Connor Gilbert took gold with a time of 15:12:44.

Over 21,000 photos were taken of the event and are now being uploaded to

The prize presentation takes place on 20th June 2017 at 19.00.

The Race Tightens Over The Sloc

It appears Richard Gerrard, who is gunning for his fourth successive title,  is facing a stern challenge from Liam Parker.  The pair are only separated by just over 100 meters as they come over the Sloc.

Meanwhile, Dave Walker appears to be struggling a little, while Karen Chiarello continues to make impressive and takes third overall with a commanding lead in the ladies race.

Christopher Burns appears to be paying the price for his early burst. 

Update From Rushen

Richard Gerrard holds the lead over Liam Parker entering Rushen, though Liam has reduced the gap from 1min 8sec to 59 seconds.

Dave Walker Still secure in third place, though he has dropped from 39 seconds to 3 minutes 24 seconds behind second place Liam Parker. 

Leading Lady, Karen Chiarello, is in a commanding position 13 minutes and 56 seconds ahead of Jayne Farquhar who is second in the ladies race.

Karen appears to be closing in on the third position having gained a minute and 3 seconds on the third position.

Can anyone take 17 minutes and 52 seconds off the Parish Walk record?

This might seem like a very odd question, but there is a reason for it.

Richard Gerrard is the Parish Walk course record holder, having set the excellent time of 14 hours 40 minutes 08 seconds in 2015 when claiming his third victory in the event.  The question is: can that time be beaten?

If you delve a little deeper into the gold mine of information provided by the SportIdent electronic timing system, which has been with us since 2007, the evidence suggests that the answer is “yes” and that a sub 14 hour 30 minute Parish Walk is possible.

The electronic system records each walker’s split time between each church, and the times are logged in the electronic results which are accessible in the ‘Archives’ tab of the website.

Taking a look at all the split times recorded since 2007, it is possible to piece together the ‘perfect’ race by combining the fastest sector times between each church. The result looks like this:

Sector Fastest walker Split time (h:m:s) Year
Start to Santon Jock Waddington 01:46:14 2011
Santon to Malew David Griffiths 00:35:36 2008
Malew to Arbory Richard Gerrard 00:18:02 2015
Arbory to Rushen Richard Gerrard 00:24:20 2015
Rushen to Patrick Richard Gerrard 01:55:36 2015
Patrick to German (Peel) Vinny Lynch 00:15:57 2012
German to Kirk Michael Vinny Lynch 01:05:01 2012
Kirk Michael to Ballaugh Richard Gerrard 00:29:38 2015
Ballaugh to Jurby Richard Gerrard 00:35:59 2015
Jurby to Bride Richard Gerrard 01:19:06 2015
Bride to Andreas Richard Gerrard 00:31:49 2014
Andreas to Lezayre Michael George 01:01:55 2013
Lezayre to Maughold Michael George 00:54:04 2013
Maughold to Lonan Michael George 02:03:55 2013
Lonan to Onchan Michael George 00:43:42 2013
Onchan to Finish Richard Gerrard 00:21:22 2015
Total Time: 14:22:16

Unsurprisingly, 15 of the 16 fastest times were set by walkers who went on to win the event in that particular year. The only exception is David Griffiths’ terrific time of 35 minutes and 36 seconds between Santon and Malew in 2008, a year when David walked to Rushen ‘for fun’ but set the pace at the front for a number of miles.

Jock Waddington on his way to victory in 2011

It is testament to just how fast the race winners are these days that only two of the fastest times were set in 2012 when Richard Gerrard and Vinny Lynch claimed victory together in 14:42.32 (which at the time was a course record) to become the first-ever joint winners of the event.Vinny Lynch (no. 1) and Richard Gerrard crossing the line in 2012

Michael George’s sector times from Andreas to the finish in 2013 illustrate how hard he must have worked in order to claim victory in what was a memorable race. At Andreas, Michael was only 13 seconds in front of Richard Gerrard, with Vinny Lynch only a further 10 seconds back. 6 miles down the road at Lezayre, Michael’s advantage had increased to 2 minutes over Richard and at Lonan it was up to 4 minutes. Michael eventually won by 6 minutes and 10 seconds in a time which was only just over 2 minutes slower than the pace Richard and Vinny had set the previous year.

Michael George in full flow on the descent into Port Lewaigue in 2013

Setting a time of 14 hours 22 minutes 16 seconds would require someone to cover each mile about 13 seconds faster than the present course record.  That might not sound like very much, but taking account of terrain, fatigue, weather conditions and all the other variables which make the Parish Walk the event that it is, it would be an incredible effort. Having said that, Derek Harrison’s record time of 15 hours 20 minutes 51 seconds in 1979 stood for 27 years before Sean Hands bettered it in 2006 by over half an hour, so perhaps anything is possible…

Adam Killip – 2 June 2017

 Author’s note: I have not been able to access split times prior to 2007.

 I am humbled to have been asked by the Lambden family to contribute to and I hope to help contribute to keep the website running with articles and features.


Team Entries 2017 Manx Telecom Parish Walk

Full Name Participant Number Team Name
Pete Miller 172 Ballagyr Breakfast Club B
Adam Cubbon 260 Calves of Man
Miriam Garlick 1080 Calves of Man
Jonathan Hall 542 Calves of Man
Anita Parnell 1213 Calves of Man
Kathryn Clough 22 Can they do it, yes we can!
Jayne Farquhar 23 Can they do it, yes we can!
Maura Kelly 1143 Can they do it, yes we can!
Michelle Sherry 1250 Can they do it, yes we can!
Tom Cannell 233 Central Young Farmers
Hannah Moore 848 Central Young Farmers
Sarah Moore 851 Central Young Farmers
Michael Osborne 150 Central Young Farmers
Rachel Palmer 1212 Champagne Finishers
Jo Robert 1235 Champagne Finishers
Fiona Teare 1266 Champagne Finishers
Les Briggs 459 CLI Max
Phil Motley 107 CLI Max
Brendan O’Connor 610 CLI Max
Jon Stott 411 CLI Max
Kyle Lunn 333 CLI Max 2
Connie Marsden 824 CLI Max 2
John McNamara 597 CLI Max 2
Colum Ward 652 CLI Max 2
Paul Beard 443 DofE – A Team
Thomas Kelly 569 DofE – A Team
Thomas Kelly 319 DofE – A Team
Nigel Prescott 619 DofE – A Team
Bronwyn Ward 1286 DofE – B Team
Jessica Ward 930 DofE – B Team
Stephanie Ward 1411 DofE – B Team
Adie Corlett 167 EYFC Two old dogs and a pair of chicks
Aaron Curphey 110 EYFC Two old dogs and a pair of chicks
Louise Slater 892 EYFC Two old dogs and a pair of chicks
Suzanne Slater 893 EYFC Two old dogs and a pair of chicks
Heather Libreri 817 Kiss My Sass
Stuart Bell-Scott 448 KUTA Fitness
Andrea Burns 988 LT4
Mary Doyle 1059 LT4
Stephen Doyle 511 LT4
Maeve O’Broin 1203 LT4
Lindsey Nicol 1197
Samuel Cannell 96 May the Force be with you
Mike Crompton 123 May the Force be with you
Steve Giddins 532 May the Force be with you
Christie Morgan 852 May the Force be with you
Rebecca Price 870
Tony Dugdale 79 MT Strollers
Hollie Cubbon 733 Newfield
James Moore 353 Newfield
Alan Teare 48 One For The Road
Rosemary Clarke 1015 One World Centre
Richard Gerrard 1 Organ Donation Isle of Man
Mark Roberts 386 Organ Donation Isle of Man
David Walker 2 Organ Donation Isle of Man
Gareth Young 433 Organ Donation Isle of Man
Michael Bonney 6 Pace cadets
Adam Killip 11 Pace cadets
Aaron Kneale 325 Pace cadets
Richard Strivens 412 Pace cadets
Andy Green 14 Port St Mary Lifeboat
Paul Holmes 555 Port St Mary Lifeboat
Richard Leigh 19 Port St Mary Lifeboat
Sandor Talas 654 Port St Mary Lifeboat
Mike Davies 264 PwC
Micheala Gell 1081 PwC
Liz Moore 850 PwC
Voirrey Foulger 1369 Quick Feet
Rebecca Greatbatch 1374 Quick Feet
Kate Marshall 1388 Quick Feet
Caroline Harrison 1099 Rays Angels
Justine Oates 1202 Rays Angels
Sue Biggart 5 Rays Angels
Ray Pitts 32 Rays Angels
Domenico Galante 1321 Return of The Wombles
Michael Gray 118 Return of The Wombles
Kiara Masterson 1389 Roki
Stephen Cletheroe 208 Save the Queens Pier
Glenda Bregazzi 980 SMP PARTNERS – A Team
Deborah Broom 986 SMP PARTNERS – A Team
Sinead Crawley 1035 SMP PARTNERS – A Team
Mark Denton 130 SMP PARTNERS – A Team
Peter Duchars 512 SMP PARTNERS – B Team
Jeanette Kneale 1155 SMP PARTNERS – B Team
William Watterson 672 SMP PARTNERS – B Team
Bonnie Jennings 1123 Walkie Talkies
Janet White 1290 Walkie Talkies
Minet Van Der Ryst 924 Wilde Honde – A Team
Jaco Schutte 392 Wilde Honde – A Team
Graham Vermaak 667 Wilde Honde – A Team
Johan De Villiers 503 Wilde Honde – A Team
John Stevenson 410 Wilde Honde – B Team
Martine Vermeulen 926 Wilde Honde – B Team
Pj Vermeulen 418 Wilde Honde – B Team
Johnny Evans 274 Wilde Honde – C Team
Loni Evans 746 Wilde Honde – C Team
Nicolaas Willemse 426 Wilde Honde – C Team
Juan Readshaw 17 Woody B

Race Numbers 2017 Manx Telecom Parish Walk

Number First Name Last Name Class
1 Richard Gerrard Veteran Men
2 David Walker Veteran Men
3 Karen Chiarello Veteran Ladies
4 Richard Wild Veteran Men
5 Sue Biggart Veteran Ladies
6 Michael Bonney Veteran Men
7 Simon Briggs Veteran Men
8 Stephen Corkill Veteran Men
9 Noel Ash Veteran Men
10 Brian Kelly Veteran Men
11 Adam Killip Men
12 Andrew Dawson Veteran Men
13 Stewart Jones Veteran Men
14 Andy Green Veteran Men
15 Jonathan Wild Veteran Men
16 James Quirk Veteran Men
17 Juan Readshaw Men
18 Ian Dunbar Veteran Men
19 Richard Leigh Veteran Men
20 Jared Smith Veteran Men
21 Karen Lawrie Veteran Ladies
22 Kathryn Clough Veteran Ladies
23 Jayne Farquhar Veteran Ladies
24 Stephanie Quayle Veteran Ladies
25 Andrew Titley Veteran Men
26 Gabriel Farmer Veteran Men
27 Gillian Cunningham Veteran Ladies
28 Ewa Kowalewska Veteran Ladies
29 Tony Edwards Veteran Men
30 John Shimmin Veteran Men
31 Robbie Callister Veteran Men
32 Ray Pitts Veteran Men
33 Liam Parker Men
34 Eammon Harkin Veteran Men
35 Chris Cale Veteran Men
36 Tom Melvin Veteran Men
37 Alan Cowin Veteran Men
38 Steve Corkill Veteran Men
39 Simon Cox Veteran Men
40 Emma Shilling Veteran Ladies
41 Maureen Moffatt Veteran Ladies
42 Dick Callin Veteran Men
43 Dave Mackey Veteran Men
44 Les Webb Veteran Men
45 David Chambers Veteran Men
46 Craig Riley Men
47 Darren Mealin Veteran Men
48 Alan Teare Veteran Men
49 Ray Beattie Veteran Men
50 Stuart Gibson Veteran Men
51 James Shipsides Veteran Men
52 David Clucas Veteran Men
53 Craig Blenkinsop Veteran Men
54 James Bassett Veteran Men
55 Andrew Dixon Veteran Men
56 Russell Walker Veteran Men
57 George Blair Veteran Men
58 Bernadette Devlin Veteran Ladies
59 Tony Holgate Veteran Men
60 Mark Whear Veteran Men
61 Ludmila Smith Ladies
62 Angela Martin Veteran Ladies
63 Nour Addine Ayyoub Veteran Men
64 Dermot O’Toole Veteran Men
65 Courtenay Heading Veteran Men
66 David Collister Veteran Men
67 Alison Kenyon Veteran Ladies
68 Michael Lyall Veteran Men
69 Hattie Thomas Ladies
70 Ernie Radcliffe Veteran Men
71 Frank Feeney Veteran Men
72 Debby Ashe Veteran Ladies
73 Suzannah Corkill Veteran Ladies
74 Dudley Butt Veteran Men
75 James Vickers Veteran Men
76 Steve Pevsner Veteran Men
77 Maureen Cox Veteran Ladies
78 Ned Bowers Veteran Men
79 Tony Dugdale Veteran Men
80 Raymond Harmer Veteran Men
81 Alex Jones Ladies
82 David Anderson Veteran Men
83 Bob Noonan Veteran Men
84 Adrian Kinrade Veteran Men
85 Robin Crellin Veteran Men
86 Steve Taggart Veteran Men
87 Stephanie Gray Veteran Ladies
88 Anne Dooley Veteran Ladies
89 James Clucas Men
90 Julia Kiefer Veteran Ladies
91 Kenny Valerga Veteran Men
92 Carol McCoubrey Veteran Ladies
93 Damian Bird Veteran Men
94 Margy Creer Veteran Ladies
95 Gareth Brolly Veteran Men
96 Samuel Cannell Men
97 June Melvin Veteran Ladies
98 Carlo Parlato Veteran Men
99 Kevin Edwards Men
100 Robert Wright Veteran Men
101 Wang Xin Christian Veteran Ladies
102 Ed Burn Veteran Men
103 Emmsie Lou Buckley Ladies
104 Dickie Corrin Veteran Men
105 Michael Crook Veteran Men
106 Chris Dulson Veteran Ladies
107 Phil Motley Veteran Men
108 Megan Thomas Ladies
109 Mick Rodger Veteran Men
110 Aaron Curphey Veteran Men
111 Paul Boulton Veteran Men
112 Kevin Watterson Veteran Men
113 Geraldine Cannon Veteran Ladies
114 Gordon Erskine Veteran Men
115 Lindsey Wood Veteran Ladies
116 Helen Callow Veteran Ladies
117 Nick Coole Men
118 Michael Gray Veteran Men
119 Stella Corlett Veteran Ladies
120 Biffy Tyrer Veteran Ladies
121 Chaz Gardner Veteran Men
122 John Struthers Veteran Men
123 Mike Crompton Veteran Men
124 Keith Green Veteran Men
125 Emma Walker Veteran Ladies
126 Abigail Neill Ladies
127 Viv Avery Veteran Ladies
128 Amanda Whitelegg Veteran Ladies
129 Nicola Raven Veteran Ladies
130 Mark Denton Veteran Men
131 Dino Mazzone Men
132 Steven Quinn Men
133 Robert Faragher Veteran Men
134 Victoria Liddle Veteran Ladies
135 Sarah Leece Ladies
136 Christopher Burn Veteran Men
137 Suzy Parker Ladies
138 Steven Parker Veteran Men
139 Dave Sutcliffe Men
140 May Hooper Veteran Ladies
141 Juan Corrin Men
142 Greg Nation Veteran Men
143 Lydia Harris Ladies
144 Jon Wagstaffe Veteran Men
145 Chris Monaghan Veteran Men
146 Paul Wheeldon Men
147 Michael Crosbie Men
148 Rebecca Stride Veteran Ladies
149 Jayne Simpson Veteran Ladies
150 Michael Osborne Men
151 Paul Sayle Men
152 Dot Saunders Veteran Ladies
153 Tiffany Bell Ladies
154 Wally Saunders Veteran Men
155 Richard Creer Veteran Men
156 Hannah Duke Ladies
157 Kathryn Prince Veteran Ladies
158 Roger Davies Veteran Men
159 Zoe Lambie Ladies
160 Hannah Miller Veteran Ladies
161 Philip Morris Veteran Men
162 Ciaran Broad Men
163 Al Graham Men
164 Janna Kelly Veteran Ladies
165 Sharon E Cain Veteran Ladies
166 Louise Hollings Veteran Ladies
167 Adie Corlett Veteran Men
168 Paul Atkinson Veteran Men
169 Haydn Kenna Veteran Men
170 Lorna Meechan Veteran Ladies
171 Carolyn Magee Veteran Ladies
172 Pete Miller Veteran Men
173 Rosie Allen Veteran Ladies
174 Colette Johnston Veteran Ladies
175 Trevor Newton Veteran Men
176 Andy Limbrick Veteran Men
177 John Cooper Men
178 Kim Lamb Veteran Ladies
179 Gary Scott Veteran Men
180 Mark Connor Men
181 Sara Vaughan Veteran Ladies
182 Gavin Smith Men
183 Julie Thomas Veteran Ladies
184 Alex Crawley Men
185 Melanie Christian Veteran Ladies
186 Laura Corlett Veteran Ladies
187 Shaun Nesbitt Men
188 Lee Corkill Men
189 Garry Asling Veteran Men
190 Colin Gilbert Veteran Men
191 Colin Crennell Veteran Men
192 Jody Allen Men
193 Steve Curtis Veteran Men
194 Jill Turner Veteran Ladies
195 Pauline Clague Veteran Ladies
196 Helen Newbery Veteran Ladies
197 Lynn Strickland Veteran Ladies
198 Jennifer Cannell Ladies
199 Mina Patel Veteran Ladies
200 Lee Kewley Veteran Ladies
201 Estelle Spiers Veteran Ladies
202 Kevin Pulman Men
203 Peter Lewis Veteran Men
204 Daniel Johnson Men
205 Steve Bassil Veteran Men
206 Jim Caley Veteran Men
207 Bill Vaughan Veteran Men
208 Stephen Cletheroe Veteran Men
209 David Allen Men
210 Jack Astick Men
211 David Atherton Men
212 Andy Ball Men
213 Stephen Barbour Men
214 Rod Barton Men
215 Matthew Belcher-Smith Men
216 Ricki Boyde Men
217 Nick Braide Men
218 Joshua Brand Men
219 Matthew Breadner Men
220 Andrew Brennan Men
221 Neil Brown Men
222 William Brown Men
223 Joe Burrows Men
224 Muhammad Butt Men
225 Daniel Cain Men
226 Mark Cain Men
227 Mark Lawrence Cain Men
228 Ryan Cain Men
229 Will Cain Men
230 Nathan Cain-Fryer Men
231 Dean Callow Men
232 Ben Campbelton Men
233 Tom Cannell Men
234 Gareth Capper Men
235 Chris Cave Men
236 George Chapple Men
237 Thomas Chapple Men
238 Matthew Christian Men
239 Michael Clarke Men
240 Anthony Coleman Men
241 Scott Concannon Men
242 Ashley Convery Men
243 Bobby Corkish Men
244 Lee Corlett Men
245 Stephen Corlett Men
246 Matt Cory Men
247 Kevin Costain Men
248 Richard Costain Men
249 Adam Cowin Men
250 Sam Cowley Men
251 Christopher Craine Men
252 Euan Craine Men
253 John Craine Men
254 Robert Craine Men
255 Peter Crebbin Men
256 Danny Creedon Men
257 Andrew Cregeen Men
258 Nigel Crellin Men
259 Rupert Crookshank Men
260 Adam Cubbon Men
261 Allan Cullinan Men
262 Fraser Dametto Men
263 Chris Danaher Men
264 Mike Davies Men
265 Matthew Davison Men
266 Christopher Dentith Men
267 Adam Dooley Men
268 Brendan Downey Men
269 Harry Duke Men
270 Stephen Duke Men
271 Joshua Edge Men
272 George Elliott Men
273 Sean Ellis-Kneen Men
274 Johnny Evans Men
275 Nick Exton Men
276 Glenn Faragher Men
277 Adam Farrer Men
278 Chris Fells Men
279 Neil Ferns Men
280 David Ferran Men
281 Nick Firth Men
282 Owain Flanders Men
283 Craig Fletcher Men
284 Nick Ford Men
285 Jamie Foster Men
286 Charlie Freeman Men
287 Ryan Freeman Men
288 James Garnett Men
289 Andy Garrett Men
290 Tom Garrett Men
291 David Garrood Men
292 Craig Gelling Men
293 Alex Gibson Men
294 Craig Glover Men
295 Jack Glover Men
296 Jonathan Gower-Jackson Men
297 Tim Graham Men
298 Dean Greenland Men
299 Danny Hall Men
300 Daniel Halligan Men
301 Ian Hanbidge Men
302 Barry Hardinge Men
303 Callum Harrison Men
304 Michael Haslett Men
305 David Hicks Men
306 Lee Hill Men
307 Ryan Holdaway Men
308 Dan Hounslea Men
309 Alex Hughes Men
310 Juan Hunter Men
311 Luke Hyland Men
312 Klaus Jensen Men
313 Peter Johns Men
314 Adam Johnson Men
315 Eric Jones Men
316 Liam Jones Men
317 Neil Joughin Men
318 John Kelly Men
319 Thomas Kelly Men
320 Dale Kenna Men
321 Kane Kennaugh Men
322 Jonny Killey Men
323 Barry Kinley Men
324 Jamie Kinrade Men
325 Aaron Kneale Men
326 John Lagardere Men
327 Alex Lambie Men
328 Tony Leadley Men
329 Nick Leece Men
330 Michael Lewin Men
331 Jack Locker Men
332 Thomas Lowe Men
333 Kyle Lunn Men
334 Ryan Maddox Men
335 Kieran Malone Men
336 Jack Masterson Men
337 James Matthews Men
338 Andrew McAdam Men
339 Conor McCaughan Men
340 James Mcdonald Men
341 Keith McElhinney Men
342 Alex McGowan Men
343 Richard McGregor Edwards Men
344 Luke Mckinlay Men
345 James Mcknight Men
346 Dave McMullen Men
347 Alex Mealin Men
348 James Meikle Men
349 Dollin Mercer Men
350 Robert Middleton Men
351 Jamie Moffatt Men
352 Chris Moore Men
353 James Moore Men
354 Neil Morgan Men
355 Ben Mowle Men
356 Rory Murphy Men
357 Matthew Mylchreest Men
358 Alex Needham Men
359 Ryan Neild Men
360 Jonathan Norton Men
361 Ted O’ Mahony Men
362 Dan Oates Men
363 Stephen Oates Men
364 Jason O’Connor Men
365 Stephen Oliver Men
366 Lee O’Neill Men
367 Chris Parker Men
368 Andrew Payne Men
369 Jack Pearce Men
370 Mark Plant Men
371 Ryan Pope Men
372 Martyn Quayle Men
373 Niall Quayle Men
374 Niall Quiggin Men
375 Matthew Quilliam Men
376 Simon Quine Men
377 Patty Quinney Men
378 Andy Quirk Men
379 James Ramsay Men
380 Adam Randles Men
381 George Rawlinson Men
382 Dan Reade Men
383 Alex Redfearn Men
384 Terry-John Rigaux Men
385 Robert Rigby Men
386 Mark Roberts Men
387 Craig Rogers Men
388 Joe Rowlands Men
389 James Russell Men
390 Steven Rycroft Men
391 Nick Saunders Men
392 Jaco Schutte Men
393 Matthew Scott Men
394 Luke Seretny Men
395 Tristan Shields Men
396 David Shimmin Men
397 Michael Singleton Men
398 Paul Skelly Men
399 Jamie John Skillan Men
400 Jamie Skillen Men
401 John Skillen Men
402 Ean Skinner Men
403 Matty Skinner Men
404 Jack Sleight Men
405 Ben Smaller Men
406 James Smettem Men
407 Ashley Smith Men
408 Christopher Smith Men
409 Scott Smith Men
410 John Stevenson Men
411 Jon Stott Men
412 Richard Strivens Men
413 Paul Surgeon Men
414 Benjamin Swindlehurst Men
415 Aleyn Taggart Men
416 Louise Triggs Men
417 Sean Unsworth Men
418 Pj Vermeulen Men
419 Bradley Walker Men
420 Craig Walmsley Men
421 Peter Ward Men
422 Mike Watson Men
423 Duncan Watterson Men
424 Martin Whitehouse Men
425 Joseph Wilkinson Men
426 Nicolaas Willemse Men
427 Ffinlo Williams Men
428 Joe Wilson Men
429 Stephen Wilson Men
430 Tom Wilson Men
431 Richard Winn Men
432 John Woodiwiss Men
433 Gareth Young Men
434 Paul Young Men
435 Kevin Airey Veteran Men
436 Colm Andrew Veteran Men
437 Neill Angus Veteran Men
438 Tony Arzt Veteran Men
439 Richard Ashton Veteran Men
440 Richard Bairstow Veteran Men
441 Benedict Bannenberg Veteran Men
442 Mike Batey Veteran Men
443 Paul Beard Veteran Men
444 Sean Beattie Veteran Men
445 Sean Beech Veteran Men
446 Chris Bell Veteran Men
447 Michael Bell-Scott Veteran Men
448 Stuart Bell-Scott Veteran Men
449 David Bennett Veteran Men
450 Shaun Bevan Veteran Men
451 Barry Blythe Veteran Men
452 John Bolton Veteran Men
453 Kevin Bonwick Veteran Men
454 Denis Boyle Veteran Men
455 Chris Bray Veteran Men
456 Robert Brew Veteran Men
457 Andrew Bridson Veteran Men
458 Marc Bridson Veteran Men
459 Les Briggs Veteran Men
460 Alex Brown Veteran Men
461 Nigel Brown Veteran Men
462 Phil James Brown Veteran Men
463 Simon Brown Veteran Men
464 Simon Brummitt Veteran Men
465 Tony Bullock Veteran Men
466 Nick Busby Veteran Men
467 Jonny Cain Veteran Men
468 Tommy Cain Veteran Men
469 Ian Callister Veteran Men
470 Mike Callister Veteran Men
471 Shaun Callow Veteran Men
472 Bernard Cannan Veteran Men
473 John R Cannell Veteran Men
474 Dave Capelen Veteran Men
475 Robert Chapple Veteran Men
476 John Charker Veteran Men
477 Martin Chisholm Veteran Men
478 Edward Clague. Veteran Men
479 Terry Clare Veteran Men
480 Stuart Clarke Veteran Men
481 Edward Cleator Veteran Men
482 Kevin Cleator Veteran Men
483 John Clucas Veteran Men
484 Rob Clynes Veteran Men
485 Simon Cole Veteran Men
486 Gary Conwell Veteran Men
487 Paul Cooke Veteran Men
488 Simon Cooke Veteran Men
489 Stanley Corkill Veteran Men
490 James Corkish Veteran Men
491 Tony Couperwoods Veteran Men
492 Colin Cowley Veteran Men
493 Terence Cowley Veteran Men
494 Jonathan Cox Veteran Men
495 Andrew Crooks Veteran Men
496 Colin Crooks Veteran Men
497 Garry Curtis Veteran Men
498 Lee Darbyshire Veteran Men
499 Paul Daugherty Veteran Men
500 Andrew Davies Veteran Men
501 Ged Davies Veteran Men
502 Gwyn Davies Veteran Men
503 Johan De Villiers Veteran Men
504 Thurstan Denne Veteran Men
505 Mike Devereau Veteran Men
506 Mark Dickinson Veteran Men
507 James Dignam Veteran Men
508 David Dodson Veteran Men
509 Patrick Donlan Veteran Men
510 David Doyle Veteran Men
511 Stephen Doyle Veteran Men
512 Peter Duchars Veteran Men
513 Roy Dunlop Veteran Men
514 Simon Dunn Veteran Men
515 Lawrence Dyer Veteran Men
516 Gareth Eachus Veteran Men
517 Steven Edmonds Veteran Men
518 Elaine Edmunds Veteran Men
519 Andrew Evans Veteran Men
520 Dave Fallows Veteran Men
521 Alan Faragher Veteran Men
522 John Ferguson Veteran Men
523 Tony Fletcher Veteran Men
524 Steven Fox Veteran Men
525 Colin Freeman Veteran Men
526 Stephen Freer Veteran Men
527 Stephen Garrett Veteran Men
528 Alan Gault Veteran Men
529 Davey Gawne Veteran Men
530 John Gelling Veteran Men
531 David Gibson Veteran Men
532 Steve Giddins Veteran Men
533 Dave Gilbert Veteran Men
534 Michael Gillen Veteran Men
535 Dave Gimbert Veteran Men
536 Brian Goldsmith Veteran Men
537 Alan Gosschalk Veteran Men
538 Douglas Grant Veteran Men
539 Robert Greenwood Veteran Men
540 Peter Griffiths Veteran Men
541 Chris Hall Veteran Men
542 Jonathan Hall Veteran Men
543 Stephen Hall Veteran Men
544 John Hanbidge Veteran Men
545 Martin Hanks Veteran Men
546 Tom Hanks Veteran Men
547 Albert Harrison Veteran Men
548 Martin Harrison Veteran Men
549 Peter Hartley Veteran Men
550 Richard Paul Hartnoll Veteran Men
551 Oliver Haydon Veteran Men
552 Tristan Head Veteran Men
553 Mark Hewitt Veteran Men
554 Mick Holgate Veteran Men
555 Paul Holmes Veteran Men
556 Mike Horne Veteran Men
557 John Hotchkiss Veteran Men
558 David Houghton Veteran Men
559 Andy Hume Veteran Men
560 Martin Humphreys Veteran Men
561 Allen Jackson Veteran Men
562 Graham Jackson Veteran Men
563 Lee Jackson Veteran Men
564 Mike Jayes Veteran Men
565 Andy Johnson Veteran Men
566 Huw Jones Veteran Men
567 Kevin Jones Veteran Men
568 Paul Kane Veteran Men
569 Thomas Kelly Veteran Men
570 Martin Kennaugh Veteran Men
571 Andrew Kermode Veteran Men
572 Iain Kerr Veteran Men
573 John Boosh Kerruish Veteran Men
574 Shaun Kerruish Veteran Men
575 Tony Kewley Veteran Men
576 Paul Kielty Veteran Men
577 Richard King Veteran Men
578 Ken Kneale Veteran Men
579 Robbie Lambie Veteran Men
580 Trevor Latus Veteran Men
581 Juan Leece Veteran Men
582 Paul Lewthwaite Veteran Men
583 Egan Loader Veteran Men
584 Bernard Long Veteran Men
585 Keith Lowe Veteran Men
586 Chris Lyon Veteran Men
587 Peter MacGregor Veteran Men
588 Robert Markwick Veteran Men
589 Kenny Marshall Veteran Men
590 Kevin Martin Veteran Men
591 John Matthews Veteran Men
592 Chris Mayne Veteran Men
593 Brian Mc Guinness Veteran Men
594 Paul McGilvray Veteran Men
595 James McKeefry Veteran Men
596 Roy McLean Veteran Men
597 John McNamara Veteran Men
598 Haresh Measuria Veteran Men
599 Christopher Melvin Veteran Men
600 Alan Millard Veteran Men
601 Joseph Miranda Veteran Men
602 Ken Mitchell Veteran Men
603 Aidan Moore Veteran Men
604 Colin Moore Veteran Men
605 Colin Stephen Moore Veteran Men
606 Eddie Moore Veteran Men
607 Kevin Moore Veteran Men
608 Frank Nolan Veteran Men
609 Michael Oates Veteran Men
610 Brendan O’Connor Veteran Men
611 Steve O’Donohue Veteran Men
612 Richard Oliphant Veteran Men
613 Tadhg O’Mahony Veteran Men
614 Paul Parker Veteran Men
615 Tim Perry Veteran Men
616 Richard Pettifer Veteran Men
617 Jonathan Phiri Veteran Men
618 Richard Power Veteran Men
619 Nigel Prescott Veteran Men
620 Cedric Quayle Veteran Men
621 Paul Quayle Veteran Men
622 Charlie Quirk Veteran Men
623 Warren Rainey Veteran Men
624 Caldric Randall Veteran Men
625 Derek Reeves Veteran Men
626 Martin Reilly Veteran Men
627 Edward Rhodes Veteran Men
628 Ramsey Richardson Veteran Men
629 Gareth Rowlands Veteran Men
630 Michael Sansbury Veteran Men
631 Paul Scarffe Veteran Men
632 Dominic Schiller Veteran Men
633 Ben Scott Veteran Men
634 Simon Scott Veteran Men
635 Eric Sells Veteran Men
636 Rob Shaw Veteran Men
637 Alan Shea Veteran Men
638 Alistair Shillito Veteran Men
639 Barry Short Veteran Men
640 Anthony Simm Veteran Men
641 Mark Simpson Veteran Men
642 Eamonn Sinclair Veteran Men
643 Laurence Skelly Veteran Men
644 Sean Skillicorn Veteran Men
645 David Smith Veteran Men
646 Rob Snape Veteran Men
647 Leonard Spencer Veteran Men
648 Simon Spenser Veteran Men
649 Mark Spiers Veteran Men
650 James Stott Veteran Men
651 Donny Strathie Veteran Men
652 Paul Sutton Veteran Men
653 Christopher Swinden Veteran Men
654 Sandor Talas Veteran Men
655 Colin Tansley Veteran Men
656 Philip Teare Veteran Men
657 Clifford Thomas Veteran Men
658 Peter Thompson Veteran Men
659 Dave Thornley Veteran Men
660 Andy Thornton Veteran Men
661 Chris Till Veteran Men
662 Gary Tyrer Veteran Men
663 Robert Udy Veteran Men
664 Doug Underwood Veteran Men
665 Barry Vaughan Veteran Men
666 Frank Verardi Veteran Men
667 Graham Vermaak Veteran Men
668 Nick Wallinger Veteran Men
669 Mark Walton Veteran Men
670 Nick Warner Veteran Men
671 Frank Watson Veteran Men
672 William Watterson Veteran Men
673 Dave Wharton Veteran Men
674 Jasper White Veteran Men
675 Kevin Whitmarsh Veteran Men
676 Peter Wiblin Veteran Men
677 Christopher Wildman Veteran Men
678 Andy Williams Veteran Men
679 Simon Williams Veteran Men
680 Tom Williams Veteran Men
681 Carl Wilson Veteran Men
682 Neil Withers Veteran Men
683 Jeffrey Woodworth Veteran Men
684 Kyla Akey Ladies
685 Sarah Allen Ladies
686 Sophie Anderson Ladies
687 Laura Andrews Ladies
688 Julie Arthur Ladies
689 Emily Ashe Ladies
690 Gemma Barnes Ladies
691 Michelle Barrett Ladies
692 Ealish Baxter Ladies
693 Ciara Beattie Ladies
694 Tanisha Beattie Ladies
695 Ruth Belfield Ladies
696 Alice Briggs Ladies
697 April Brodie Ladies
698 Georgie Brown Ladies
699 Jovelyn Brown Ladies
700 Sarah Brown Ladies
701 Rebecca Brownless Ladies
702 Jessica Bryan Ladies
703 Freya Buckingham Ladies
704 Carol Butler Ladies
705 Jennie Buttell Ladies
706 Charlotte Cain Ladies
707 Lauren Cain Ladies
708 Natasha Cain Ladies
709 Sarah Cain Ladies
710 Joanne Cannell Ladies
711 Louise Carder Ladies
712 Alicja Chawluk Ladies
713 Sarah Cheng Ladies
714 Lauren Clague Ladies
715 Vicky Clague Ladies
716 Liz Coase Ladies
717 Rose Coleman Ladies
718 Michelle Collett Ladies
719 Kiri Convery Ladies
720 Abbie Cooke Ladies
721 Aimie Coole Ladies
722 Rachel Copparelli Ladies
723 Emma Corlett Ladies
724 Georgia Corran Ladies
725 Louise Cowell Ladies
726 Nadine Cowin Ladies
727 Nicola Craig Ladies
728 Jade Craine Ladies
729 Paola Cringle Ladies
730 Lydia Crispe Ladies
731 Leah Crowe Ladies
732 Laura Crutchley Ladies
733 Hollie Cubbon Ladies
734 Paige Cubbon Ladies
735 Vicky Cubbon Ladies
736 Hayley Da Silva Ladies
737 Alicja Dabrowska Ladies
738 Merri Davenport Ladies
739 Jessica Davis Ladies
740 Hollie Devlin Ladies
741 Nicola Dobson Ladies
742 Amy Donnelly Ladies
743 Islay Beth Downey Ladies
744 Claire Duke Ladies
745 Kelly Erdbeer Ladies
746 Loni Evans Ladies
747 Kelly Fagg Ladies
748 Charlotte Faragher Ladies
749 Emma Faragher Ladies
750 Laura Faragher Ladies
751 Debbie Faulkner Ladies
752 Becka Fergusson Ladies
753 Charlie Finlow Ladies
754 Kirsty Finn Ladies
755 Kelly Firth Ladies
756 Robyn Foley Ladies
757 Aalish Foulger Ladies
758 Rebecca Foulger Ladies
759 Louise Fox Ladies
760 Emma Fulton Ladies
761 Aalish Garrood Ladies
762 Rosie Gault Ladies
763 Nicola Geddes Ladies
764 Kerrie Gell Ladies
765 Lauren Gelling Ladies
766 Ali Gill Ladies
767 Laura Gill Ladies
768 Rachel Gilpin Ladies
769 Katie Glover Ladies
770 Elizabeth Gordon Ladies
771 Bryony Greasley Ladies
772 Danielle Greasley Ladies
773 Wendy Gurney Ladies
774 Chelsey Hall Ladies
775 Rhiannon Hall Ladies
776 Stacey Halsall Ladies
777 Carolanne Hanley Ladies
778 Cara Hanlon Ladies
779 Graihagh Hardinge Ladies
780 Rebecca Hardman Ladies
781 Vicki Hargreaves Ladies
782 Chloe Harrison Ladies
783 Katie Harrison Ladies
784 Lois Hatton Ladies
785 Kim Herbert Ladies
786 Jolene Hickey Ladies
787 Amy Hide Ladies
788 Natasha Hinds Ladies
789 Nicola Hockaday Ladies
790 Joanne Hollows Ladies
791 Voirrey Horne Ladies
792 Danielle Househam Ladies
793 Maria Hull Ladies
794 Jade Hutchings Ladies
795 Rachel Hutchinson Ladies
796 Lucy Johnson Ladies
797 Rachael Jones Ladies
798 McCarthy Karen Ladies
799 Sinead Keane Ladies
800 Catherine Kelly Ladies
801 Hollie Kelly Ladies
802 Karolynn Kelly Ladies
803 Rachel Kelly Ladies
804 Sarah Kelly Ladies
805 Nicola Kermode Ladies
806 Zoe Kerruish Ladies
807 Sarah Kinrade Ladies
808 Sarah-Jayne Kinrade Ladies
809 Rebecca Kirby Ladies
810 Louise Kneen Ladies
811 Sophie Kniveton Ladies
812 Katie Lambie Ladies
813 Lucy Langford Ladies
814 Janine Lashmar Ladies
815 Angela Lennon Ladies
816 Victoria Lewis Ladies
817 Heather Libreri Ladies
818 Andrea Ljungberg Ladies
819 Hannah Lo Bao Ladies
820 Eve Locker Ladies
821 Charlotte Looker Ladies
822 Jenna Macgregor Ladies
823 Ewelina Majewska Ladies
824 Connie Marsden Ladies
825 Hannah Marsden Ladies
826 Jodie Mason Ladies
827 Laura Matthews Ladies
828 Stephanie Matthews Ladies
829 Jennie McAdam Ladies
830 Iona Mcaulay Ladies
831 Ellie McCauley Ladies
832 Katie Louise Mccluskey Ladies
833 Kim McCracken Ladies
834 Angela McCutcheon Ladies
835 Carolyn McGeehan Ladies
836 Alice McGirr Ladies
837 Lauren McLarney Ladies
838 Katie McMahon Ladies
839 Colleen McPhillips Ladies
840 Radheswari Measuria Ladies
841 Paige Mepham Ladies
842 Laura Miller Ladies
843 Hollie Mills Ladies
844 Kristina Misselbrook Ladies
845 Jody Molesworth Ladies
846 Jacki Moon Ladies
847 Alyson Moore Ladies
848 Hannah Moore Ladies
849 Lee-Ann Moore Ladies
850 Liz Moore Ladies
851 Sarah Moore Ladies
852 Christie Morgan Ladies
853 Louise Morgan Ladies
854 Lesley Mourant Ladies
855 Emma Murphy Ladies
856 Hannah Murphy Ladies
857 Vikki Nash Ladies
858 Emma Nation Ladies
859 Amanda Neeson Ladies
860 Cara Nelson Ladies
861 Danielle Oates Ladies
862 Aoife o’donohue Ladies
863 Karen O’Reilly Ladies
864 Lucy Pairman Ladies
865 Hayley Parkinson Ladies
866 Kayleigh Parkinson Ladies
867 Vanisha Patel Ladies
868 Jessica Perry Ladies
869 Rachel Pownall Ladies
870 Rebecca Price Ladies
871 Karen Prior Ladies
872 Alice Qualtrough Ladies
873 Rachel Quayle Ladies
874 Rebecca Quayle Ladies
875 Jessica Quirk Ladies
876 Olivia Rawlinson Ladies
877 Charlotte Rea Ladies
878 Odette Renshaw Ladies
879 Laura Rimmington Ladies
880 Rebekkah Ringham Ladies
881 Natasha Riseley Ladies
882 Jennifer Robinson Ladies
883 Pollyanna Rogerson Ladies
884 Charlotte Romans Ladies
885 Cara Rooney Ladies
886 Justyna Rynkowska Ladies
887 Tara Scott Ladies
888 Emma Senogles Ladies
889 Victoria Singer Ladies
890 Kerry Singleton Ladies
891 Katie Skelton Ladies
892 Louise Slater Ladies
893 Suzanne Slater Ladies
894 Jenna Smith Ladies
895 Karen Smith Ladies
896 Lisa Smith Ladies
897 Lynda Smith Ladies
898 Thalia Smith Ladies
899 Rebekah Snell Ladies
900 Claire Spencer Ladies
901 Robyn Spencer Ladies
902 Helen Squires Ladies
903 Joanne Standish Ladies
904 Sara Staniford Ladies
905 Abigail Stoutt Ladies
906 Gemma Sutton Ladies
907 Kirsty Taggart Ladies
908 Amy Taylor Ladies
909 Rachael Taylor Ladies
910 Chloe Teare Ladies
911 Jenny Teare Ladies
912 Kirry Teare Ladies
913 Caroline Temps Ladies
914 Alice Thomas Ladies
915 Rebecca Thorpe Ladies
916 Lucy Titley Ladies
917 Stacey Trafford Ladies
918 Rebekah Traynor Ladies
919 Lisa Tummon Ladies
920 Helen Turner Ladies
921 Kelly Uren Ladies
922 Charlotte Vale Ladies
923 Helen Vale Ladies
924 Minet Van Der Ryst Ladies
925 Sarah Vaukins Ladies
926 Martine Vermeulen Ladies
927 Amy Walker Ladies
928 Georgie Walker Ladies
929 Rachael Warburton Ladies
930 Jessica Ward Ladies
931 Laura Warren Ladies
932 Andrea Weatherill Ladies
933 Rebecca White Ladies
934 Sammy White Ladies
935 Alice Whiteway Ladies
936 Catherine Wild Ladies
937 Nicole Wild Ladies
938 Hannah Williams Ladies
939 Larissa Williams Ladies
940 Sarah Wolter Ladies
941 Jennifer Wong Ladies
942 Katie Wright Ladies
943 Tabby Wright Ladies
944 Pashala Yates Ladies
945 Natasha Younger Ladies
946 Sue Ackroyd Veteran Ladies
947 Jayne Adams Veteran Ladies
948 Fiona Anderson Veteran Ladies
949 Fatima Araujo Veteran Ladies
950 Dawne Archer Veteran Ladies
951 Louise Ashton Veteran Ladies
952 Angela Atherton Veteran Ladies
953 Donna Bairstow Veteran Ladies
954 Jenny Baker Veteran Ladies
955 Susan Bannenberg Veteran Ladies
956 Lydia Barbara Veteran Ladies
957 Julie Barlow Veteran Ladies
958 Joanne Barsby Veteran Ladies
959 Sarah Bassett Veteran Ladies
960 Leanne Bates Veteran Ladies
961 Jane Batey Veteran Ladies
962 Lindsey Batty Veteran Ladies
963 Annabel Baxter Veteran Ladies
964 Margaret Beaman Veteran Ladies
965 Honor Beard Veteran Ladies
966 Claire Belcher-Smith Veteran Ladies
967 Paula Bell Veteran Ladies
968 Kim Bennett Veteran Ladies
969 Annette Berriman Veteran Ladies
970 Sharon Blackley Veteran Ladies
971 Sophy Blakemore Veteran Ladies
972 Lindsey Blenkinsop Veteran Ladies
973 Carol Bligh Veteran Ladies
974 Vivian Boateng Veteran Ladies
975 Pauline Bolt Veteran Ladies
976 Mora Bosendorfer Veteran Ladies
977 Emma Bowers Veteran Ladies
978 Rebecca Boyle Veteran Ladies
979 Angela Bray Veteran Ladies
980 Glenda Bregazzi Veteran Ladies
981 Catreeney Brew Veteran Ladies
982 Denise Bridson Veteran Ladies
983 Jacqueline Bridson Veteran Ladies
984 Sue Bridson Veteran Ladies
985 Orla Brook Veteran Ladies
986 Deborah Broom Veteran Ladies
987 Fiona Brown Veteran Ladies
988 Andrea Burns Veteran Ladies
989 Leona Burns Veteran Ladies
990 Tessa Burrows Veteran Ladies
991 Ali Burton Veteran Ladies
992 Tracey Busby Veteran Ladies
993 Susan Bysouth Veteran Ladies
994 Helen Cain Veteran Ladies
995 Voirrey Cain Veteran Ladies
996 Ann Caine Veteran Ladies
997 Dawn Caley Veteran Ladies
998 Emma Callister Veteran Ladies
999 Catherine Callow Veteran Ladies
1000 Emily Cannell Veteran Ladies
1001 Stephanie Cannell Veteran Ladies
1002 Stacey Caple Veteran Ladies
1003 Debora Carcas Veteran Ladies
1004 Laura Carson Veteran Ladies
1005 Chrissie Carter Veteran Ladies
1006 Kelly Cawley Veteran Ladies
1007 Kelly Charman Veteran Ladies
1008 Gemma Charmer Veteran Ladies
1009 Danielle Cheshire Veteran Ladies
1010 Gillian Chiverton Veteran Ladies
1011 Audrey Christian Veteran Ladies
1012 Sarah Christian Veteran Ladies
1013 Judith Hazel Clague-Walsh Veteran Ladies
1014 Susan Clark Veteran Ladies
1015 Rosemary Clarke Veteran Ladies
1016 Marcella Cleator Veteran Ladies
1017 Ann-Marie Clucas Veteran Ladies
1018 Kath Clucas Veteran Ladies
1019 Catharine Cocker Veteran Ladies
1020 Maria Coldwell Veteran Ladies
1021 Catherine Colley Veteran Ladies
1022 Donna Colligon Veteran Ladies
1023 Emma Cooke Veteran Ladies
1024 Amy Coole Veteran Ladies
1025 Katie Cooper Veteran Ladies
1026 Karen Corkhill Veteran Ladies
1027 Gillian Corkish Veteran Ladies
1028 Lisa Corkish Veteran Ladies
1029 Ann Corlett Veteran Ladies
1030 Anna Corlett Veteran Ladies
1031 Caroline Corlett Veteran Ladies
1032 Rachel Corlett Veteran Ladies
1033 Tania Cowan Veteran Ladies
1034 Babs Cowley Veteran Ladies
1035 Sinead Crawley Veteran Ladies
1036 Angela Crennell Veteran Ladies
1037 Tracey Crennell Veteran Ladies
1038 Helen Cross Veteran Ladies
1039 Mary Cross Veteran Ladies
1040 Sally-Anne Cubbon Veteran Ladies
1041 Sarah Cunningham Veteran Ladies
1042 Sue Curphey Veteran Ladies
1043 Donna Curtis Veteran Ladies
1044 Sarah Cutts Veteran Ladies
1045 Helen Daugherty Veteran Ladies
1046 Michele Davenport Veteran Ladies
1047 Beth Davies Veteran Ladies
1048 Sarah Delaney Veteran Ladies
1049 Dee Dentith Veteran Ladies
1050 Carol Devereau Veteran Ladies
1051 Sarah De-yoxall Veteran Ladies
1052 Dawn Dickens Veteran Ladies
1053 Rachel Dickinson Veteran Ladies
1054 Jo Dixon Veteran Ladies
1055 Sarah-Jane Dodd Veteran Ladies
1056 Susanne Domingo Veteran Ladies
1057 Natalie Donegan Veteran Ladies
1058 Kerith Donnelly Veteran Ladies
1059 Mary Doyle Veteran Ladies
1060 Amanda Drabble Veteran Ladies
1061 Elly Duchars Veteran Ladies
1062 Anne Dudley Veteran Ladies
1063 Val A Duggan Veteran Ladies
1064 Amanda Duncan Veteran Ladies
1065 Sonya Dunn Veteran Ladies
1066 Amy Dunne Veteran Ladies
1067 Nicky Earnshaw Veteran Ladies
1068 Alyson Egan Veteran Ladies
1069 Kate Ellison Veteran Ladies
1070 Michaela Ellison Veteran Ladies
1071 Sarah Everett Veteran Ladies
1072 Sarah Falconer Veteran Ladies
1073 Debbie Faragher Veteran Ladies
1074 Catriona Farrant Veteran Ladies
1075 Catherine Fennell Veteran Ladies
1076 Daniela Forti Veteran Ladies
1077 Helen Fowden Veteran Ladies
1078 Rebecca Galvin Veteran Ladies
1079 Sharen Gardner Veteran Ladies
1080 Miriam Garlick Veteran Ladies
1081 Micheala Gell Veteran Ladies
1082 Rebecca George Veteran Ladies
1083 Denise Gimbert Veteran Ladies
1084 Jane Glover Veteran Ladies
1085 Nicky Glover Veteran Ladies
1086 Jill Goatman Veteran Ladies
1087 Sarah Goldsmith Veteran Ladies
1088 Wendy Grant Veteran Ladies
1089 Michelle Greasley Veteran Ladies
1090 Lynne Greyvenstein Veteran Ladies
1091 Donna Griffiths Veteran Ladies
1092 Julia Guttridge Veteran Ladies
1093 Michelle Hall Veteran Ladies
1094 Katrina Hands Veteran Ladies
1095 Kirsty Hanks Veteran Ladies
1096 Denise Hannay Veteran Ladies
1097 Rebecca Hansbury Veteran Ladies
1098 Helen Harling Veteran Ladies
1099 Caroline Harrison Veteran Ladies
1100 Julie Harrison Veteran Ladies
1101 Theresa Harrison Veteran Ladies
1102 Alison Hart Veteran Ladies
1103 Sheila Haskett Veteran Ladies
1104 Anja Hav Thomsen Veteran Ladies
1105 Catherine Healy Veteran Ladies
1106 Hilary Healy Veteran Ladies
1107 Simone Heath Veteran Ladies
1108 Mandy Hewes Veteran Ladies
1109 Helen Hoban Veteran Ladies
1110 Rachel Holden Veteran Ladies
1111 Sharon Hotchkiss Veteran Ladies
1112 Sarah Karran Hudson Veteran Ladies
1113 Deirdre Hughes Veteran Ladies
1114 Mandy Hughes Veteran Ladies
1115 Amie Hunter Veteran Ladies
1116 Shona Huntley Veteran Ladies
1117 Maeve Hurley Veteran Ladies
1118 Christine Hyde Veteran Ladies
1119 Claire Jackson Veteran Ladies
1120 Debbie James Veteran Ladies
1121 Bal Jandu Veteran Ladies
1122 Jane Jelski Veteran Ladies
1123 Bonnie Jennings Veteran Ladies
1124 Sarah Johnson Veteran Ladies
1125 Wendy Johnson Veteran Ladies
1126 Breeshey Jones Veteran Ladies
1127 Donna Jones Veteran Ladies
1128 Jacqueline Jones Veteran Ladies
1129 Jeanalyn Jones Veteran Ladies
1130 Lynn Jones Veteran Ladies
1131 Samantha Jones Veteran Ladies
1132 Kelly June Veteran Ladies
1133 Caroline Kay Veteran Ladies
1134 Julianne Keelan Veteran Ladies
1135 Vicki Keeney Veteran Ladies
1136 Carol Kelly Veteran Ladies
1137 Caroline Kelly Veteran Ladies
1138 Christine Kelly Veteran Ladies
1139 Clare Kelly Veteran Ladies
1140 Deborah Kelly Veteran Ladies
1141 Ellan Kelly Veteran Ladies
1142 Hazel Kelly Veteran Ladies
1143 Maura Kelly Veteran Ladies
1144 Maureen Kelly Veteran Ladies
1145 Debi Kennaugh Veteran Ladies
1146 Sylvia Kennaugh Veteran Ladies
1147 Karen Kewish Veteran Ladies
1148 Amy Killip Veteran Ladies
1149 Claire King Veteran Ladies
1150 Melanie Kinley Veteran Ladies
1151 Alison Kinrade Veteran Ladies
1152 Elizabeth Kinrade Veteran Ladies
1153 Rita Kinrade Veteran Ladies
1154 Rachel Kirkman Veteran Ladies
1155 Jeanette Kneale Veteran Ladies
1156 Kim Lambden-MacGregor Veteran Ladies
1157 Jane Lawrence Veteran Ladies
1158 Katie Lawrence Veteran Ladies
1159 Aretha Lawson Veteran Ladies
1160 Chrissy Lewis Veteran Ladies
1161 Gaynor Lewthwaite Veteran Ladies
1162 Emma Linley Veteran Ladies
1163 Samantha Lloyd Veteran Ladies
1164 Donna Long Veteran Ladies
1165 Trish Lovekin Veteran Ladies
1166 Debbie Lowndes Veteran Ladies
1167 Kristeen Luckmann Veteran Ladies
1168 Sammie Mac Donald Veteran Ladies
1169 Annie Macleod Veteran Ladies
1170 Andrea Marsden Veteran Ladies
1171 Nicola Marshall Veteran Ladies
1172 Helen Mason Veteran Ladies
1173 Jaime Masters Veteran Ladies
1174 Denise Mc Aleer Veteran Ladies
1175 Sharon McCarrick Veteran Ladies
1176 Claudia McCarty Veteran Ladies
1177 Lucy McDowell Veteran Ladies
1178 Michelle McGovern Veteran Ladies
1179 Gemma McGuill Veteran Ladies
1180 Julie McKevitt Veteran Ladies
1181 Vicky McLeman Veteran Ladies
1182 Beth Mcmillan Veteran Ladies
1183 Lisa Meakin Veteran Ladies
1184 Daksha Measuria Veteran Ladies
1185 Heather Melvin Veteran Ladies
1186 Karen Mercer Veteran Ladies
1187 Julie Merriman Donlan Veteran Ladies
1188 Charlotte Miles Veteran Ladies
1189 Lisa Montgomery Veteran Ladies
1190 Margaret Moore Veteran Ladies
1191 Sarah Moore Veteran Ladies
1192 Briony Morgan Veteran Ladies
1193 Silvia Moschen Veteran Ladies
1194 Silke Murphy Veteran Ladies
1195 Caroline Myers Veteran Ladies
1196 Sharon Nicholson Veteran Ladies
1197 Lindsey Nicol Veteran Ladies
1198 Catherine Norton Veteran Ladies
1199 Helen Norton Veteran Ladies
1200 Sally Nunn Veteran Ladies
1201 Jane Oates Veteran Ladies
1202 Justine Oates Veteran Ladies
1203 Maeve O’Broin Veteran Ladies
1204 Siobhan O’Connor Veteran Ladies
1205 Karen O’Donnell Veteran Ladies
1206 Kim Oliphant Veteran Ladies
1207 Jo Olsen Veteran Ladies
1208 Sarah Olsen Veteran Ladies
1209 Lynda Osborne Veteran Ladies
1210 Kim Oultram Veteran Ladies
1211 Kerry Palmer Veteran Ladies
1212 Rachel Palmer Veteran Ladies
1213 Anita Parnell Veteran Ladies
1214 Sue Partington Veteran Ladies
1215 Claire Patterson Veteran Ladies
1216 Anni Pearsall Veteran Ladies
1217 Marie-Paule Pierson Veteran Ladies
1218 Jane Poole-Wilson Veteran Ladies
1219 Jennie Pulman Veteran Ladies
1220 Taryn Pyle Veteran Ladies
1221 Judith Quane Veteran Ladies
1222 Lindsay J Quayle Veteran Ladies
1223 Lynne Quayle Veteran Ladies
1224 Shona Quayle Veteran Ladies
1225 Donna Quirk Veteran Ladies
1226 Kath Quirk Veteran Ladies
1227 Rachel Quirk Veteran Ladies
1228 Kathryn Radcliffe Veteran Ladies
1229 Claudia Rattray Veteran Ladies
1230 Vicki Rawlinson Veteran Ladies
1231 Elaine Read Veteran Ladies
1232 Peggy Reid Veteran Ladies
1233 Ruth Richardson Veteran Ladies
1234 Sarah Richardson Veteran Ladies
1235 Jo Robert Veteran Ladies
1236 Anne -Marie Robinson Veteran Ladies
1237 Diane Rollins Veteran Ladies
1238 Sally Rothwell Caley Veteran Ladies
1239 Margaret Rowntree Veteran Ladies
1240 Clare Rundle Veteran Ladies
1241 Jacqueline Russell Veteran Ladies
1242 Lynn Ryan Veteran Ladies
1243 Nikki Salmon Veteran Ladies
1244 Yanisa Sananueah Veteran Ladies
1245 Annemarie Say Veteran Ladies
1246 Wendy Sayer Veteran Ladies
1247 Lynne Sayle Veteran Ladies
1248 Michelle Sayle Veteran Ladies
1249 Georgina Shaw Veteran Ladies
1250 Michelle Sherry Veteran Ladies
1251 Barbara Signorio Veteran Ladies
1252 Francesca Signorio-Hooper Veteran Ladies
1253 Sharon Simpson Veteran Ladies
1254 Jackie Skelly Veteran Ladies
1255 Louise Skelly Veteran Ladies
1256 Donna Sloane Veteran Ladies
1257 Diane Smith Veteran Ladies
1258 Sandra Smith Veteran Ladies
1259 Alison Snelling Veteran Ladies
1260 Christine Spicer Veteran Ladies
1261 Sue Staley Veteran Ladies
1262 Carol Stevens Veteran Ladies
1263 Laura Stewart Veteran Ladies
1264 Cheryl Storey Veteran Ladies
1265 Ingrid Sugden Veteran Ladies
1266 Fiona Teare Veteran Ladies
1267 Kate Teare Veteran Ladies
1268 Corrie Thom Veteran Ladies
1269 Jenny Thomas Veteran Ladies
1270 Joanne Thompson Veteran Ladies
1271 Linzie Thornton Veteran Ladies
1272 Penny Thursfield Veteran Ladies
1273 Love Tibungcog Veteran Ladies
1274 Ruth Tickle Veteran Ladies
1275 Janice Trafford Veteran Ladies
1276 Catherine Traynor Veteran Ladies
1277 Laura Truman Veteran Ladies
1278 Susan Tummon Veteran Ladies
1279 Helen Turner Veteran Ladies
1280 Kate Tyrer Veteran Ladies
1281 Louna Van Der Ryst Veteran Ladies
1282 Joanne Vernon Veteran Ladies
1283 Violeta Wade Veteran Ladies
1284 Jenny Walmsley Veteran Ladies
1285 Karen Warburton Veteran Ladies
1286 Bronwyn Ward Veteran Ladies
1287 Nicola Watson Veteran Ladies
1288 Barbara Watt Veteran Ladies
1289 Sharon Weir Veteran Ladies
1290 Janet White Veteran Ladies
1291 Pippa Wilkins Veteran Ladies
1292 Amanda Wilson Veteran Ladies
1293 Anna Wilson Veteran Ladies
1294 Beverley Wilson Veteran Ladies
1295 Natasha Wilson Veteran Ladies
1296 Sarah Winrow Veteran Ladies
1297 Dolores Winterburn Veteran Ladies
1298 Alina Wojcik Veteran Ladies
1299 Valerie Wood Veteran Ladies
1300 Elaine Woodhouse Veteran Ladies
1301 Gill Woods Veteran Ladies
1302 Joan Woods Veteran Ladies
1303 Cheryl Wrench Veteran Ladies
1304 Gaynor Wright Veteran Ladies
1305 Sandra Wrigley Veteran Ladies
1306 Gill Young Veteran Ladies
1307 Ann Zachorecki-Moon Veteran Ladies
1308 Fred Atherton Under 21 Men
1309 Ramsey Ball Under 21 Men
1310 Samuel Bowers Under 21 Men
1311 Jordan Brew Under 21 Men
1312 Tom Burrows Under 21 Men
1313 Conor Caley Under 21 Men
1314 William Chisholm Under 21 Men
1315 Craig Cooper Under 21 Men
1316 Dale Corrin Under 21 Men
1317 Tom Cowley Under 21 Men
1318 Jamie Dudley Under 21 Men
1319 Jacob Duggan Under 21 Men
1320 Jack Freeman Under 21 Men
1321 Domenico Galante Under 21 Men
1322 Connor Gilbert Under 21 Men
1323 Sean Goldsmith Under 21 Men
1324 Greg Hepburn Under 21 Men
1325 Jordan Hurst Under 21 Men
1326 Jordan Kelly Under 21 Men
1327 Matthew Lamb Under 21 Men
1328 Josef Langthorne Under 21 Men
1329 Harry Lowe Under 21 Men
1330 Jack Martin Under 21 Men
1331 Mdu Mtshali Under 21 Men
1332 Adam Pyatt-Coppell Under 21 Men
1333 Nick Quayle Under 21 Men
1334 Ryan Quiggin Under 21 Men
1335 Greg Radcliffe Under 21 Men
1336 Zachary Reynolds Under 21 Men
1337 Callum Staley Under 21 Men
1338 Paul Starkey Under 21 Men
1339 Thomas Tsitsos Under 21 Men
1340 Michael Valerga Under 21 Men
1341 Fergus Veale Under 21 Men
1342 Olivia Avery Under 21 Ladies
1343 Ellen Barlow Under 21 Ladies
1344 Alexandra Batey Under 21 Ladies
1345 Chelsea Bawden Under 21 Ladies
1346 Sarah-Jane Bell Under 21 Ladies
1347 Affrica Bethune Under 21 Ladies
1348 Voirrey Bethune Under 21 Ladies
1349 Mairéad Brew Under 21 Ladies
1350 Aalish Bridson Under 21 Ladies
1351 Jessica Brook Under 21 Ladies
1352 Aine Callister Under 21 Ladies
1353 Molly Christian Under 21 Ladies
1354 Lucy Collins Under 21 Ladies
1355 Annie Collis Under 21 Ladies
1356 Chloe Convery Under 21 Ladies
1357 Becky Corkish Under 21 Ladies
1358 Lisa Cross Under 21 Ladies
1359 Daisy Crowe Under 21 Ladies
1360 Tara Cunningham Under 21 Ladies
1361 Emily Downs Under 21 Ladies
1362 Chloe Duggan Under 21 Ladies
1363 Sophie Elliott Under 21 Ladies
1364 Healy Emma Under 21 Ladies
1365 Leanne Faragher Under 21 Ladies
1366 Mia Faragher Under 21 Ladies
1367 Hannah Finch Under 21 Ladies
1368 Hayley Fletcher Under 21 Ladies
1369 Voirrey Foulger Under 21 Ladies
1370 Jessica Fullerton Under 21 Ladies
1371 Abbie Garrett Under 21 Ladies
1372 Ellena Gilson Under 21 Ladies
1373 Alice Gordon Under 21 Ladies
1374 Rebecca Greatbatch Under 21 Ladies
1375 Anna Hall Under 21 Ladies
1376 Molly Hepburn Under 21 Ladies
1377 Graih Hughes Under 21 Ladies
1378 Caitlin Hume Under 21 Ladies
1379 Imogen Humphreys Under 21 Ladies
1380 Bethany Kaneen Under 21 Ladies
1381 Helen Kearney Under 21 Ladies
1382 Leigh Keeney Under 21 Ladies
1383 Georgina King Under 21 Ladies
1384 Betty Kneale Under 21 Ladies
1385 Scarlett Kneen Under 21 Ladies
1386 Rhiannon Leece Under 21 Ladies
1387 Wiktoria Maliszak Under 21 Ladies
1388 Kate Marshall Under 21 Ladies
1389 Kiara Masterson Under 21 Ladies
1390 Charlotte McGiffin Under 21 Ladies
1391 Leona McGovern Under 21 Ladies
1392 Charlotte Meechan Under 21 Ladies
1393 Ellie Miller Under 21 Ladies
1394 Ariane Monds Under 21 Ladies
1395 Amy Moore Under 21 Ladies
1396 Rachel Moore Under 21 Ladies
1397 Niamh Murdoch Under 21 Ladies
1398 Rebecca Nathan Under 21 Ladies
1399 Ruth Nathan Under 21 Ladies
1400 Aoife O’Mahony Under 21 Ladies
1401 Alicia Owen Under 21 Ladies
1402 Eloise Parkinson Under 21 Ladies
1403 Abbie Quirk Under 21 Ladies
1404 Elena Reid Under 21 Ladies
1405 Abigail Robson Under 21 Ladies
1406 Siobhan Sansom Under 21 Ladies
1407 Alexandra Scott Under 21 Ladies
1408 Shannon Sam Smyth Under 21 Ladies
1409 Emma Vickers Under 21 Ladies
1410 Danielle Wade Under 21 Ladies
1411 Stephanie Ward Under 21 Ladies
1412 Katie Willson Under 21 Ladies

Some Changes

Following the death of Murray Lambden, the operation and day-to-day running of this website has been taken over by his son Ben. This transition may mean the style changes and there may be some hiccoughs along the way.

We are live

As I write this there will be just three hours remaining before entries open for the Manx Telecom Parish Walk.



And if you don’t enter you won’t experience moments like in this photo.

During the past couple of weeks I have completely re-designed the in WordPress  (all new to me). I hope you like the new brighter look which should be much more mobile phone friendly. I’ve added new content but transferred as much of the old as possible and it will certainly be much easier to edit and add content than in the past.

Take a little time to read the rules and all the other information about the amazing event before you commit but do so early on and for heaven’s sake don’t make up some ridiculous story for not entering in the 160 days that are allowed for entering. Share this story, this blog or the website with your friends so that they have no excuse.

Manx Harriers have a fantastic sub-committee who organise the Manx Telecom Parish Walk but they always need more help and there are plenty of opportunities. The email contacts are on the home page.

Manx Telecom have been helping the event since 2008 with the electronic timing and innovative text messages to supporters providing times at churches last year. In 2012 they became the title sponsor and last year they added a new feature allowing photos to be sent directly to your Facebook page.

To kick off the 2016 you can read about the two brothers who have only ever competed in 14 walking races but they have 13 Parish Walk finishes between them!

We are starting the 2016 site with just one blogger but I am still hoping to persuade two more to blog along the way – one is among the most successful to take part in the event and other a raw novice but who proved last week to amazingly good at anything she applies herself to. For now you’ll have to put up with a Manchester City fan living in London who has so far reached Jurby in the Manx Telecom Parish Walk .

Needless to say all the archives are there, I have more photographers than ever before helping me and I am as committed as ever to helping make the 2016 Manx Telecom Parish Walk as enjoyable as ever in my 16th year of producing this site.

Murray Lambden