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Dramatic End to 2017 Manx Telecom Parish Walk

This year certainly proved one for the record books as long-standing favourites battled with exceptional temperatures, illness and injury giving way for a new generation to seize the reins of the Manx Telecom Parish Walk.

Rising walker, Liam Parker,  led 127 finishers over the line, having passed Richard Gerrard on the way into Patrick breaking the virus-stricken title holders three-year winning streak. In spite of the challenging conditions, Liam reduced his personal best by an impressive 39 minutes and 14 seconds to make him the youngest winner since 1996 when Lee Cain took gold.

Arguably, it was second pace Karen Chiarello who stole the day, breaking the women’s record and entering an elite club of only six other female walkers to take a podium position. Her blistering time of 15:53:44 set her over an hour clear of her training partner Adam Killip who seized third, improving his own personal best by 32 minutes and 14 seconds.

The triumphant trio were joined by 57 first time finishers and a handful of regular faces. Pete Miller, completing the walk for only his second time sliced 5 hours and 29 seconds off of his personal best set in 2013.

The fresh faces of this year’s podium may face stiff competition from the up-and-coming under 21s, with Anna Hall taking the victory in the ladies category in a record time of 6:35:55. Meanwhile, in the men’s category, Connor Gilbert took gold with a time of 15:12:44.

Over 21,000 photos were taken of the event and are now being uploaded to

The prize presentation takes place on 20th June 2017 at 19.00.

The Race Tightens Over The Sloc

It appears Richard Gerrard, who is gunning for his fourth successive title,  is facing a stern challenge from Liam Parker.  The pair are only separated by just over 100 meters as they come over the Sloc.

Meanwhile, Dave Walker appears to be struggling a little, while Karen Chiarello continues to make impressive and takes third overall with a commanding lead in the ladies race.

Christopher Burns appears to be paying the price for his early burst. 

Update From Rushen

Richard Gerrard holds the lead over Liam Parker entering Rushen, though Liam has reduced the gap from 1min 8sec to 59 seconds.

Dave Walker Still secure in third place, though he has dropped from 39 seconds to 3 minutes 24 seconds behind second place Liam Parker. 

Leading Lady, Karen Chiarello, is in a commanding position 13 minutes and 56 seconds ahead of Jayne Farquhar who is second in the ladies race.

Karen appears to be closing in on the third position having gained a minute and 3 seconds on the third position.

Leaders Through Orrisdale

Richard Gerrard appears to be making a break for the lead and has passed through Orrisdale with a short lead over Dave Walker and Liam Paker. Christopher Burn separates the top leading trio and last years ladies winner Karen Chiarello.

At the time of writing, 15 people have passed trough Santon Church, but the standings seem to be quite dynamic.

As the mist settles it’s looking like it’s going to be a cooler rise over the Sloc for all the competitors.

A fitting buffet has been organised for the Mann Vend feeding station, so the walkers are in for a real treat.

Manx Telecom 2017 Parish Walk Underway

The Manx Telecom 2017 Parish Walk is now underway. The race was started after a minute’s applause in memory of race stalwart Murray Lambden. The eagerly anticipated race was set underway by Marie Lambden.

Warm weather marks the day, so competitors were reminded to stay hydrated.

Follow live timing, photos and latest updates on as the race unfolds.

Adam Killip’s 2017 Predictions

Richard Gerrard will again start as many people’s tip to take the honours in the Manx Telecom Parish Walk when the annual 85-mile classic gets underway at 8am on Saturday 17th June. The 4-time champion and absolute course record holder will however likely face stiff competition from friend and training partner David Walker (who has finished second on two occasions), last year’s leading lady Karen Chiarello, and the ever-improving Liam Parker.

Other likely contenders towards the sharp end include the returning Michael Bonney, Brian Kelly, last year’s best first-time finisher James Quirk, close friends Stephen Corkill and Noel Ash, and regular competitors Andrew Dawson and Stew Jones. Last year’s second lady Emma Shilling will hope to improve on her magnificent time of 17 hours 16 minutes set in extremely warm conditions 12 months ago, and Karen Lawrie, Kathryn Clough, Jayne Farquhar, Steph Quayle (and possibly Sue Biggart if she is aiming for a finish) will also be names to watch in the ladies’ race.

The Under-21s race to Peel, over a distance of 32.5 miles, is always more difficult to predict but last year’s female winner Rebecca Greatbatch and male runner up Connor Gilbert have both entered and will be looking to claim success.

Adam Killip

Team Entries 2017 Manx Telecom Parish Walk

Full Name Participant Number Team Name
Pete Miller 172 Ballagyr Breakfast Club B
Adam Cubbon 260 Calves of Man
Miriam Garlick 1080 Calves of Man
Jonathan Hall 542 Calves of Man
Anita Parnell 1213 Calves of Man
Kathryn Clough 22 Can they do it, yes we can!
Jayne Farquhar 23 Can they do it, yes we can!
Maura Kelly 1143 Can they do it, yes we can!
Michelle Sherry 1250 Can they do it, yes we can!
Tom Cannell 233 Central Young Farmers
Hannah Moore 848 Central Young Farmers
Sarah Moore 851 Central Young Farmers
Michael Osborne 150 Central Young Farmers
Rachel Palmer 1212 Champagne Finishers
Jo Robert 1235 Champagne Finishers
Fiona Teare 1266 Champagne Finishers
Les Briggs 459 CLI Max
Phil Motley 107 CLI Max
Brendan O’Connor 610 CLI Max
Jon Stott 411 CLI Max
Kyle Lunn 333 CLI Max 2
Connie Marsden 824 CLI Max 2
John McNamara 597 CLI Max 2
Colum Ward 652 CLI Max 2
Paul Beard 443 DofE – A Team
Thomas Kelly 569 DofE – A Team
Thomas Kelly 319 DofE – A Team
Nigel Prescott 619 DofE – A Team
Bronwyn Ward 1286 DofE – B Team
Jessica Ward 930 DofE – B Team
Stephanie Ward 1411 DofE – B Team
Adie Corlett 167 EYFC Two old dogs and a pair of chicks
Aaron Curphey 110 EYFC Two old dogs and a pair of chicks
Louise Slater 892 EYFC Two old dogs and a pair of chicks
Suzanne Slater 893 EYFC Two old dogs and a pair of chicks
Heather Libreri 817 Kiss My Sass
Stuart Bell-Scott 448 KUTA Fitness
Andrea Burns 988 LT4
Mary Doyle 1059 LT4
Stephen Doyle 511 LT4
Maeve O’Broin 1203 LT4
Lindsey Nicol 1197
Samuel Cannell 96 May the Force be with you
Mike Crompton 123 May the Force be with you
Steve Giddins 532 May the Force be with you
Christie Morgan 852 May the Force be with you
Rebecca Price 870
Tony Dugdale 79 MT Strollers
Hollie Cubbon 733 Newfield
James Moore 353 Newfield
Alan Teare 48 One For The Road
Rosemary Clarke 1015 One World Centre
Richard Gerrard 1 Organ Donation Isle of Man
Mark Roberts 386 Organ Donation Isle of Man
David Walker 2 Organ Donation Isle of Man
Gareth Young 433 Organ Donation Isle of Man
Michael Bonney 6 Pace cadets
Adam Killip 11 Pace cadets
Aaron Kneale 325 Pace cadets
Richard Strivens 412 Pace cadets
Andy Green 14 Port St Mary Lifeboat
Paul Holmes 555 Port St Mary Lifeboat
Richard Leigh 19 Port St Mary Lifeboat
Sandor Talas 654 Port St Mary Lifeboat
Mike Davies 264 PwC
Micheala Gell 1081 PwC
Liz Moore 850 PwC
Voirrey Foulger 1369 Quick Feet
Rebecca Greatbatch 1374 Quick Feet
Kate Marshall 1388 Quick Feet
Caroline Harrison 1099 Rays Angels
Justine Oates 1202 Rays Angels
Sue Biggart 5 Rays Angels
Ray Pitts 32 Rays Angels
Domenico Galante 1321 Return of The Wombles
Michael Gray 118 Return of The Wombles
Kiara Masterson 1389 Roki
Stephen Cletheroe 208 Save the Queens Pier
Glenda Bregazzi 980 SMP PARTNERS – A Team
Deborah Broom 986 SMP PARTNERS – A Team
Sinead Crawley 1035 SMP PARTNERS – A Team
Mark Denton 130 SMP PARTNERS – A Team
Peter Duchars 512 SMP PARTNERS – B Team
Jeanette Kneale 1155 SMP PARTNERS – B Team
William Watterson 672 SMP PARTNERS – B Team
Bonnie Jennings 1123 Walkie Talkies
Janet White 1290 Walkie Talkies
Minet Van Der Ryst 924 Wilde Honde – A Team
Jaco Schutte 392 Wilde Honde – A Team
Graham Vermaak 667 Wilde Honde – A Team
Johan De Villiers 503 Wilde Honde – A Team
John Stevenson 410 Wilde Honde – B Team
Martine Vermeulen 926 Wilde Honde – B Team
Pj Vermeulen 418 Wilde Honde – B Team
Johnny Evans 274 Wilde Honde – C Team
Loni Evans 746 Wilde Honde – C Team
Nicolaas Willemse 426 Wilde Honde – C Team
Juan Readshaw 17 Woody B